5 College Looks to Inspire Your High School’s Athletic Graphics

High school Coaches and Athletic Directors are always looking for ways to keep their athletes engaged and motivated to perform. To get new ideas, they naturally look to what others are doing that has been effective. What is the team across the city, at the top of the league, or across the state doing to help their program?

Stop thinking peer to peer and start thinking bigger. There are many motivational products used at the college and university-level that are effective at producing results. Here are 5 college projects that can be easily adopted by high school athletic programs.

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4 Qualities That Make an Outstanding Swimming & Diving Record Board

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 There is no disputing that record boards work to motivate swimming and diving teams. Having the records of your program’s top athletes on display at every practice eliminates any confusion over the times to beat. This is the number one reason our customers tell us they want a record board for their natatorium.

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4 Ways to Recognize Athletes in a Gym Lobby

 One of the most traveled areas of any school is the athletic entrance and gym lobby. Guests purchase concessions, pay for tickets, and gather here before and after each game. That regular congregation of students, parents, and fans makes a gym lobby an ideal place to recognize the outstanding individual athletes that have made your program great.

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Madeira Flexes Muscle with Weight Room Record Board

Motivating athletes is one of the most challenging aspects of a coach’s job. In an ideal world, students would arrive to the weight room each day pumped up and ready to perform. Reality is often different. It falls on the coaching staff and team leaders to provide excitement and encouragement to get the most from their team.

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Top Athletic Graphics Products for Fall of 2019

As the spring season rolls on, the end of the fiscal year is just around the corner. As current budgets come to a close, it’s a great time to take a critical look at your facilities and develop a plan for the coming year. While a new gymnasium or stadium may not be in the cards, you can refresh the look of your facilities for a fraction of the cost by updating your athletic signage, banners, and other graphics.

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