Setting Athletes Up for Success This Off-Season

The off-season is a critical time for athletes to improve their performance. While there may not be any games, races or competitions, athletes should use this time to improve their skills, develop physical fitness goals, and strengthen different muscle groups. Often times, an added bonus of training in the off-season is injury prevention. Building a strong foundation is essential to both mental and physical health and preparation for the upcoming season. Find out how you can set your athletes up for success this off-season.

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Elite Facilities Motivate Your Elite Athletes

Alabama Football has a player’s lounge loaded with the latest and greatest amenities used to motivate their team and help them stay on top of their game. There are pool tables, air hockey tables, pop-a-shot, ping pong, foosball tables and a video arcade. They play among the most elite college football conferences in the world, and they still continue spending to stay on the top of the game.

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Easy Upgrades to Give Your Tennis Courts a Professional Touch

Heading into the spring and summer seasons, we turn our attention to the great outdoors. One athletic venue that is sometimes overlooked is the tennis facility. Tennis programs are often some of the most successful individual and team sports at a school. Because fans generally make their way directly to the courts, rather than the school buildings, the best place to recognize a tennis program is outdoors at the courts. Here are some of the best ways to upgrade your courts with custom graphics.

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2 Popular Ways to Display Athletic Records Outside

School record boards are most often installed indoors, usually in the gym or athletic hallway. This is fine for sports that are played indoors, but creates a disconnect for sports that compete on fields and courts outside the building. Many fans and rival teams who attend sporting events never see the inside of the school. This is where an outdoor record board can be beneficial. It offers the opportunity to display records right where they’re broken, and where fans congregate.

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Island Coast High School Builds Cohesive Look with Record Board Project

Topics: Record Boards

The athletic department at Island Coast High School in Cape Coral, FL put together a comprehensive project that included a record board for each sport. Not only were they thoughtful about different sports and their various records, Island Coast was very deliberate in the way they displayed the boards.

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