A stadium scoreboard does more than just let sports fans know the score. With advancements in technology, today’s scoreboards bring vital elements to the fan experience, no matter the sport. The following benefits highlight a stadium scoreboard's importance at a sporting event.
Windscreen banners are a common sight on baseball and softball field fences. Although a common sight, you many not have thought much about their purpose beyond just the visual. Here are a few of the things you should know about the benefits, design considerations and construction best practices for baseball and softball field windscreens.
Uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 virus has left schools nationwide unsure about the future. Questions about when and how to return to school safely are top of mind for school administrators. The only certainty is that social distancing is going to be crucial when classes do resume.
The 2020 school year hasn’t ended the way anyone thought it would even just a few months ago. This has hit home especially for students who expected to be wrapping up the final season of their high school athletic careers and walking with their classmates in a commencement ceremony. While there are many pressing issues right now, there is still a need to recognize the hard work and achievement of these individuals.
Across the country companies and individuals have been asked to look at their capabilities to support the fight against COVID-19. To answer the call for additional PPE in our community, Team Fitz Graphics has retooled and started to manufacture PPE Face Shields. We are excited to be able to help our communities. Distribution of custom face shields manufactured in our facility has already begun.

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