Helmet Decals

Youth lacrosse programs are a lot of fun to work with because they do not usually have to follow the same branding restrictions that many high school and colleges require. This allows our design department to be more creative and allow some really fun and unique lacrosse helmet wrap concepts.
One of our favorite all-time lacrosse helmet wrap designs goes to Shippensburg University’s Men’s Club Lacrosse Team. We have had the pleasure of working with the Raiders of Shippensburg since 2015. Over the years, we have received many compliments and interest from customers who have seen this design in our photo gallery. Here is a quick rundown of this popular design.
We would like to congratulate the South Carolina Gamecocks for putting on a great performance this weekend at the SELC tournament. It’s a unique experience to be involved in such a high-profile tournament and the hard work and determination that their players put forth put them in the place they were this weekend. They made it all the way to the final game where they ended up losing 9-7 in a hard-fought game against Virginia Tech. To honor this accomplishment, we thought we would highlight the lids they were wearing this season.
One of the most common questions we hear from customers following the design process is ‘What will I actually receive when I place an order with you?’. This question is not referring to the how their lacrosse helmet wraps will look. Every order goes through a thorough design process where our sales and design departments work with the customer to ensure their wrap looks perfect. Design proofs that illustrate how the helmet wrap will look on a helmet have already been approved. The question is rather about the materials, layout, and packaging.
One of the biggest topics in women’s lacrosse is the introduction of legislation requiring helmets that offer more protection than the currently-required goggles. Players, coaches, administrators, and parents have become more aware of the potential for head injuries as well as the resulting liability. Everyone involved wants the same thing—to keep the athletes safe. Many theories exist on the best way to keep players safe and they often diverge on the issue of whether or not to legislate women's lacrosse helmets. As the game exists today, there are tightly enforced rules in place designed to keep players safe. Many people have weighed in on whether additional rules and their enforcement are enough to keep kids safe.

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