Motivate Your Track and Field Athletes by Recognizing Accomplishments

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Finding fun ways to breed competition among your track athletes can sometimes be difficult. The daily practices, running in a straight line, and veering left can get monotonous for athletes. Coaches are always looking for ways to keep engagement high. Here are the top three products requested by our customers to motivate athletes off the track and inspire them to achieve more.



Add-A-Name Boards are a professional and functional way to show off the legacy of your track athletes. This is a great option for any sort of running list of accomplishments such as league champions, state placers, or state champions.

Each Add-A-Name Board is designed and shipped with all the current names already applied, so it’ll arrive ready to hang on the wall. New names can be added to the board easily. Pre-spaced vinyl updates are simple to apply ensuring the board is hassle-free. The design is typically formatted to sustain growth for approximately 10 years.

Because this board will hang in your facility for years to come, be sure that your athletes stretch, walk past, or run by it every day. This consistent visual will motivate your athletes to get their name included in the rich history or your program.



Track Record Boards are the best way to display the records of your all-time greats. Record boards are great for any sport, but can be particularly motivating for track and field athletes. Typically, motivation comes from beating the person next to you or setting your personal best time. Track record boards add a third element of becoming faster, jumping higher, or throwing further than your school’s all-time best athletes. Be sure to make it an event when updating your board. Let the star athlete remove the old record and add their name to the board. Younger athletes will be there and be inspired to reach this accomplishment.

These boards are custom designed to include your specific events, team colors, logo, and branding. There are a few available options to consider depending on your desired viewing distance and whether it will be displayed indoors or outdoors. Your Team Fitz rep would be happy to go over the options to help you decide which type of board is best for your program.



Die-cut Championship Signs are a unique way of displaying the accomplishments of a track team or individual athletes. These signs can be cut to any shape including the shape of your home state to give them a custom look for your specific program. We typically see these used for state champions or team titles, but these can be used to show off regional or sectional accomplishments as well.

Be sure to hang these in prominent, high-traffic areas. Commonly these are displayed on press boxes or concession stand walls. We also see them mounted on fences entering the facility. Give your team a unique look at their school’s legacy and motivate them to be included. Visitors and parents will also be impressed with the legacy of your program when you host invitationals or track meets.


Looking for a way to motivate your athletes off the track? Contact a Team Fitz sales rep today. Our professional staff can answer any questions and provide you with a free design proof and quote for your project.

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