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The off-season is where the biggest strides are made to becoming bigger, faster, and stronger. It doesn’t suddenly happen at the beginning of football camp or magically occur when sign-ups begin. The real work gets done in the dog days of summer. The unfortunate part of that, there is little to offer in terms of short-term rewards. During the season, you have games and wins to show your hard work is paying off. The off-season can drag and get repetitive. Finding ways to motivate and inspire athletes can be difficult, here are a few changes around that weight room that can help.
With the conclusion of the 50th National Athletic Directors Conference, we wanted to thank everyone who came to see us this year in National Harbor, Maryland. It’s great to get together with customers, put faces to names, meet new people, and talk about the latest in high school sports.
Custom field and court dry erase boards are one of our best-selling locker room products. Despite great interest, one concern we hear from coaches is that they share the locker room with other teams. This means that anything they choose to hang needs to represent all teams that use the facility rather than just one sport.
Basketball coaches use many different approaches to get, and keep, their team on track. Great communication is key to ensuring that message is received. After all, it doesn’t matter how good the plan is if there is confusion over how to execute.
With fall in full swing, basketball season is right around the corner. As coaches prep for the upcoming season, there is typically a spike in interest in custom basketball dry erase boards as well as general signage for the locker room. Like any custom designed product, there are a lot of options to consider and questions that arise. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our customers about basketball dry erase boards.

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