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Windscreen banners are a common sight on baseball and softball field fences. Although a common sight, you many not have thought much about their purpose beyond just the visual. Here are a few of the things you should know about the benefits, design considerations and construction best practices for baseball and softball field windscreens.
Rows of championship banners are an iconic image in gymnasiums across the nation. These banners signify the sweat and toil of past players, coaches, and those who support them. Whether you are starting a championship banner project from scratch or redoing outdated gym banners, it’s important to kick off the project with a few key considerations. Check out the following initial decisions that should be made to get the ball rolling in the right direction.
Hopefully by now, our customers are through the most stressful times. In previous weeks, athletic directors, coaches, and administration were dealing with cancelations, setting up online learning, and working through the communication needed for students and their families. With that largely out of the way, we’ve seen our customers now have time to refocus their energy on outstanding projects and wish-list items. Below is a brief summary of the most popular projects we’ve seen in the pipeline over the last few weeks under the Coronavirus quarantine.
Despite optimism, it is appearing that the 2020 spring sports season will be the lost season. While we know there are much bigger issues going on in the world right now, we still feel bad for the seniors who will miss their final athletic season of high school. Below are 5 unique products for schools looking to recognize their undefeated 2020 spring-sport athletes and students.
An unprecedented time is upon us all right now and to be honest, I’m starting to get a little bored. Stuck at home, day in and day out, has started to take its toll. I am assuming that others who have been at home for a few weeks are too. Using time productively is a little difficult. Team Fitz remains committed to keeping their employees working remotely during this time of uncertainty. Sales and design are working with customers to prepare for the next season. Our production staff is working from home on some bucket-list projects, and we’ve started to see athletic directors do the same. With the delay in spring sports we are starting to see those long-term projects that athletic directors just haven’t had time to pursue or investigate. Below are some of the most popular.

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