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An unprecedented time is upon us all right now and to be honest, I’m starting to get a little bored. Stuck at home, day in and day out, has started to take its toll. I am assuming that others who have been at home for a few weeks are too. Using time productively is a little difficult.

Team Fitz remains committed to keeping their employees working remotely during this time of uncertainty. Sales and design are working with customers to prepare for the next season. Our production staff is working from home on some bucket-list projects, and we’ve started to see athletic directors do the same.

With the delay in spring sports we are starting to see those long-term projects that athletic directors just haven’t had time to pursue or investigate. Below are some of the most popular.




Every gym should have banners lining the walls. They tell the story of your athletic legacy. Developing a plan and researching those championships takes time, energy and effort. Projects like these can be overwhelming when trying to coordinate buses, referees, and volunteer schedules. This is a great time to search through old records. Conference and state websites often have a record of past winners as well.



Records are sometimes the most difficult thing to research. This is a great time for athletic directors and coaches to begin that process. Many schools aren’t allowed to use their athletic facilities. Coaches are stuck at home the same as the rest of the school staff. Find out what records are important to each coach and have them research who the record holder is. Another great way to compile records is via alumni. Utilize their time, they may be itching for a project as well.



Boulevard pole banners are very versatile and can give your outdoor areas a true campus feel. This is an ideal time to take on an outdoor project. Take a drive around your outdoor athletic facilities and see how many light poles you have. These banners are fantastic for branding and creating a professional look. They are also functional. Consider displaying your school logo, important words or core values, championship wins, label parking areas, or even offer directions to improve traffic flow.



Baseball season may pass but football and tennis are right around the corner. Custom fence windscreens offer a clean and professional look along with some other helpful benefits. Take another trip around your outdoor facilities and identify areas of the greatest impact. Entrances and walkways are the perfect place for windscreen and branding for your facility. Tennis courts often are in large open areas where wind can be a factor. Help block that and add color to your facility.

Another great use of a windscreen is to help produce revenue. Are there areas that people stand outside the fence to watch games rather than pay at the gate? Identify those and block their line of sight. Advertising is another great revenue producer and windscreens are a cost-effective way to achieve this.

Looking to get that back-burner project started? Speak with a Team Fitz sales rep today. They would be happy to answer questions and provide a free design mockup and quote for the project.

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