If Your Athletic Hall of Fame Needs an Upgrade, Start Here.

A school’s athletic hall of fame plays an outsized role in recording the athletic history of a program. It honors the athleticism, time, and a wealth of energy put in by athletes, coaches, staff, and even their families. Because it’s such a vital part of a school’s athletic history, it’s important to display it in a way that makes your alumni and students proud.

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Recent Projects in States Well-Known for Their Sports

Over time, certain states have become synonymous with specific sports. The tradition of Indiana basketball, the allure of Texas football, and the dominance of Pennsylvania wrestling are just a few examples that leave little room for debate. Here is a list of our favorite recent projects from states that have become known for the sports they love.

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4 Ways to Recognize Athletes in a Gym Lobby

 One of the most traveled areas of any school is the athletic entrance and gym lobby. Guests purchase concessions, pay for tickets, and gather here before and after each game. That regular congregation of students, parents, and fans makes a gym lobby an ideal place to recognize the outstanding individual athletes that have made your program great.

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5 Recent Baseball Graphics Projects that Caught Our Eye

Being in the athletic graphics industry, we see a wide variety of projects move through our shop. A lot projects can end up looking similar due to similar characteristics or execution. Occasionally, we come across a unique design or solution that catches our eye. Below are 5 recent baseball projects that really stood out.

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Top Athletic Graphics Products for Fall of 2019

As the spring season rolls on, the end of the fiscal year is just around the corner. As current budgets come to a close, it’s a great time to take a critical look at your facilities and develop a plan for the coming year. While a new gymnasium or stadium may not be in the cards, you can refresh the look of your facilities for a fraction of the cost by updating your athletic signage, banners, and other graphics.

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