5 Special Ways to Recognize Spring Sport Seniors

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Despite optimism, it is appearing that the 2020 spring sports season will be the lost season. While we know there are much bigger issues going on in the world right now, we still feel bad for the seniors who will miss their final athletic season of high school. Below are 5 unique products for schools looking to recognize their undefeated 2020 spring-sport athletes and students.


Senior Light-Pole Banners

Individual and custom light-pole banners are a very special way to recognize your spring sport seniors. These athletes have been very important to the community so putting them on display down main street is a great way to celebrate them. Each banner can be custom designed to include the senior’s name, sport, uniform number, and even a photo.

At $200 or less, we have found that families of these seniors have been excited to contribute. Some schools are setting these up as fundraisers to make up for lost golf outings and other spring-revenue generators.

Most communities already have light-pole banners and the necessary brackets along their downtown thoroughfare. To get started, send us the dimensions of the banners that will fit the existing brackets. We can then custom design banners for you. If your community does not have existing brackets, we can also provide a quote for those.

Start a new tradition with custom boulevard banners for your seniors. Perhaps turn this fun project into a fundraiser that can be repeated each season! Our design team is ready to come up with a great looking design your seniors and their families will appreciate!


Graduate Yard Signs

An awesome sight we’ve seen is custom yard signs for each individual senior student or athlete. We have had clients purchase a bunch of yard signs and put them out along the road in front of the school. With all of the signs lined up, it makes for a cool sight for the community as they drive by. After about a week, schools have been sending out emails and notices for the seniors and their families to come pick up their sign to display in their yard. It can be fun for them to drive around the community and see all the yards with senior signs.

Hopefully with reduced spring expenses, the $10 – $15 cost per student is a small expense for the special exposure and recognition that can be given to those seniors. Each sign comes individually customized with the school name, recognition as seniors, and the senior’s name. Signs can either be single or double sided and each one comes with a ground stake to easily display it.

Custom yard signs can be an inexpensive way to do something special for all your seniors. To get started, send us a digital copy of your logo and your school colors. We will then design a custom proof for you to review. Once the design is approved, you can send over a class roster and production can begin. All customers should expect a 2-week turnaround from approval to delivery.


Oversized Banner

Use the side of your school to say thank you and good luck to seniors in a BIG WAY. Everyday your community is driving by the empty school. I am sure seeing it so dark and unused is disappointing. Use your school to display a message for your outgoing senior class.

With simple screws and anchors, your maintenance department can easily install a wall-size banner to the outside of the school. Popular messages for these banners might say Thank You and Good Luck to the 2020 Seniors. Individual names could be listed and we can even include a class photo. Have fun with the design and make your community smile.

Final project pricing will depend on the overall size. Reach out to our sales staff with your desired dimensions to get a custom quote. All outdoor banners are produced with outdoor-grade materials and finished with strong sewn edges and grommets. Again, installation by your school maintenance department is easy and everyone will love the huge senior recognition.


Fence Windscreen

Most schools have a chain link fence that runs alongside the main road. Use this fence to display a special message to your seniors and your community. Every car passing by will appreciate a fun and appreciative message. All windscreens are digitally printed, so any colors, logos, images or text can be included in the design.

Windscreen mesh is one of the most cost-effective materials to cover a large distance. We produce each windscreen in maximum 50’ sections which makes it very easy for anyone to install. Most clients install these windscreens with traditional zip ties or bungee balls.

To get started, contact us with the dimensions of your fence and we will put together a custom quote. When measuring your fence, measure the total height of the fence and subtract 6”. Keep the length measurements 6” inside each end of the fence as well. Production times are approximately 2 weeks which will give any school plenty of time to properly display the order.


Undefeated Spring-Sports Banner

Unfortunately, it appears that no spring sports will be hanging any championship banners. One creative and special way that schools can recognize those spring sports that weren’t played is to get a championship banner to recognize all spring sports. Undefeated is a popular phrase used for the 2020 spring sports. Undefeated can mean they never lost an athletic contest, but it can also mean that they took on the COVID-19 and triumphed.

Similar to a retired jersey banner that hangs in the gym, schools can memorialize the 2020 spring athletes with their own combined championship banner. A special mention thanking the seniors is a cool touch. To engage the community and to get attention, an online banner raising could be done or a big banner raising ceremony could be scheduled for the fall.

Pricing on an individual championship banner comes in at $400 or less depending on size. To get a design started, send us your logo, school colors, and any specific text or design ideas you have. We will then create a custom proof and quote for you to review. We can ship this product directly to any residential address if your school is closed.


The cancelation of the 2020 spring sports and the end of the school year is disappointing to the whole community. Along with our customers, we think we have come up with a few awesome ways to show your appreciation to the students, athletes, coaches, families, and others. Call or email us today. We would love to work with you and are ready to roll!

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