FAQ: Using Media Backdrops for Signing Day

National letter of intent day is a major moment for your athletes and their families. Their tireless efforts have paid off and they are declaring their commitment for the next 4 – 5 years. Taking that next step in their athletic career is something to be celebrated by the athlete, parents, coaches and community.

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Lebanon High School Honors Their Military Veterans

In the fall of 2017, we were approached by the administration at Lebanon High School in Lebanon, Ohio to work on a Veteran’s Roll Call Honor Wall to recognize their alumni who went on to serve in the United States Military. Before diving into Lebanon High Schools final product, it’s vital to understand more about the historic city of Lebanon and what this kind of display means for the school.

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Stand Up to the Weather With the Right Pole Banner Brackets

Widely seen along city boulevards and college campuses, light-pole banners are quickly becoming a popular outdoor banner with high schools. In addition to creating a professional, university campus feel, boulevard banners are a great way to brand outdoor areas such as a main drive, parking lots, and athletic facilities.

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Don’t Be Caught Without These Signing Day Essentials

Signing day is a big deal to your athletes, so make sure you’re prepared to give them the best experience possible. While not every press conference or signing day event will be featured on ESPN, it’s important that your program honors all the hard work that it took to get to this point. Here are three essentials every school should have before National Signing Day 2019.  

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Top Considerations When Replacing Your Athletic Hall of Fame Signage

Getting inducted into your school’s athletic hall of fame is a prestigious honor. Individual accomplishments in athletics, academics, and other program contributions help to the overall growth of your school and community. Honoring those alumni and displaying their achievements to the school not only recognizes the individuals, but it helps promote pride amongst the students and staff that currently walk the halls.

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