5 Great Uses for Boulevard Banners on a School Campus

Boulevard banners are often seen hanging off street lights along downtown streets or in a community square. In addition to their typical uses, there have been a growing number of university and high school campuses using them to refresh their school grounds. The most common applications are for school branding, wayfinding, recognition of athletic accomplishments, and to promote school spirit. Below are a few examples of this versatile banner and how they are being used by high schools.

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Finish Your Bleachers with a Custom Windscreen Banner

When most people hear the term ‘windscreen’, images of ground-level outfield or tennis fences probably come to mind. While these are common installation locations, there are many alternative ways to implement custom windscreens in order to make a big impact at your athletic facility. Along the top of stadium bleachers is an ideal spot for this popular banner. Complete your bleachers with the visual impact of a custom windscreen.

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FAQs: Stadium Flags

High-flying stadium flags are a popular way to express school pride by showing off your mascot, school colors, or even your conference rivals. Before purchasing their very own custom flags, customers often have a number of questions about designs, placement, and implementation. Here are four of the most common questions we receive about stadium flags. Feel free to reach out if there are any we’ve missed!

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Elite Facilities Motivate Your Elite Athletes

Alabama Football has a player’s lounge loaded with the latest and greatest amenities used to motivate their team and help them stay on top of their game. There are pool tables, air hockey tables, pop-a-shot, ping pong, foosball tables and a video arcade. They play among the most elite college football conferences in the world, and they still continue spending to stay on the top of the game.

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Easy Upgrades to Give Your Tennis Courts a Professional Touch

Heading into the spring and summer seasons, we turn our attention to the great outdoors. One athletic venue that is sometimes overlooked is the tennis facility. Tennis programs are often some of the most successful individual and team sports at a school. Because fans generally make their way directly to the courts, rather than the school buildings, the best place to recognize a tennis program is outdoors at the courts. Here are some of the best ways to upgrade your courts with custom graphics.

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