These Lacrosse Helmet Wraps are So ‘Money’

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Youth lacrosse programs are a lot of fun to work with because they do not usually have to follow the same branding restrictions that many high school and colleges require. This allows our design department to be more creative and allow some really fun and unique lacrosse helmet wrap concepts.

Team Money Lacrosse Decals

Team Money is a youth organization located in the Harrisburg area of Pennsylvania. In a not so subtle reflection of the name, they wanted to incorporate Benjamin Franklin’s $100 bill into the design of their lacrosse helmet wraps. The intention is to pay homage to one of our nation’s founding fathers from the team’s home state of Pennsylvania.

Because U.S. currency already has a busy design, our design team made an early decision to keep the wrap design as simple as possible. We started with a blown-out view of the bill on each side of the helmet. The bill is large enough that Franklin’s face is prominent, but not too big that it would be unrecognizable as a $100 bill.

Team Money Lax Decals    Team Money Lax Wraps

To keep the design from looking overly busy, solid color blocks were used on the remaining panels. Including additional design elements such as a background pattern would have overkill and taken away from the bill which we wanted to be the design focus.

This wrap was finished using Team Money’s Columbia blue and grey team colors. For additional contrast and visual interest the colors of the bill were reversed on each side. Finally, a matte finish was applied.

If you want to get your team looking fresh with a new look this year, we’re happy to help. JackWraps® offers a full range of lacrosse helmet decals from traditional decal kits to full helmet wraps. Reach out to one of our reps today to get your project started.

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