5 Ways Athletic Directors Can Prepare Early for the Winter Sports Season

In high school, I had a coach who would always say “If you’re on time, then you’re late.” At first thought, this may not seem to make much sense, but he was trying to share a very important message with his players: show up early, be prepared to play, and make the best use of your time.

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3 Ways to Prevent Complacency in the Weight Room

The difference between mediocrity and greatness is usually an issue of effort. You get out what you put in, so if your athletes aren’t giving their best, subpar results shouldn’t be surprising. Complacency is contagious. If you want your athletes to hold each other to the highest standard, here are three ways to keep them engaged and focused in the weight room this season.

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Max Out Your School Weight Room

Many schools are facing a similar dilemma - they are restrained by a stale, uninspiring weight room. Whether they have a new space with stark white walls, or an outdated facility in need of rejuvenation, the effect is the same. Athletes may not be motivated to reach their full potential. A weight room should be all about RESULTS! Here are three ways to max out your weight room and get your athletes pumped.

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Gulf Shores Pumps Up Football Program with Weight Room Record Board

When Gulf Shores High School contacted us to build a record board for their weight room, our design team got started right away. The Dolphins of Gulf Shores were looking for a custom board that would be used exclusively by their football program.

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3 Questions for Athletic Directors About Their Weight Room

Athletic directors have the precarious job of guiding a school’s athletic program through managing schedules, hiring staff, overseeing budgets, and maintaining facilities. Even with all of those spinning plates, AD’s have a duty to maintain a productive, helpful environment for their athletes.

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