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Many schools are facing a similar dilemma – they are restrained by a stale, uninspiring weight room. Whether they have a new space with stark white walls, or an outdated facility in need of rejuvenation, the effect is the same. Athletes may not be motivated to reach their full potential. A weight room should be all about RESULTS! Here are three ways to max out your weight room and get your athletes pumped.


Motivational Signs

One of the tougher aspects of a coach’s job is keeping athletes motivated. Motivational signs in the weight room can be a great way to supplement your effort by keeping your messaging front and center—even when you’re not in the room.

Motivational signs can be custom designed to include your school logo, colors, and your choice of motivational quote or message. Help your athletes push through the sweat and hard work.

These custom signs are also an inexpensive way to give your weight room a professional boost. Custom signs start at as low as $55 each, making them an affordable investment for any program.


Large-Format Wall Graphics

A step up from standard motivational signs, custom wall graphics motivate and promote school pride, but also present a desired collegiate feel. These large-format graphics add color to stark new construction and instantly modernize dated weight rooms. Use these distinct graphics to strengthen your brand, honor your program, and provide a professional look.

Each graphic is designed specifically to fit your space ensuring a custom look. The most popular options include oversized logos and patterns, school mantras or slogans, and team and athlete photo collages.

Projects range from single graphics to full weight room wall wraps. While a full room wrap can be cost prohibitive, large-format wall graphics can be had for a reasonable price. To start, focus on one or two key areas of the weight room such as at an entrance or a highly-visible back wall. By targeting these areas, you will be able to provide maximum visual impact while maintaining a realistic budget.


Weight Room Record Boards

While signs and wall graphics focus on the visual side of your weight room, record boards are all about measuring and recording the results. After all, weight rooms are all about the results.

In addition to matching your school branding, weight room record boards are designed to include the lifts, exercises, and strength tests you want to track. They can be configured for boys and girls or just one team, and they can include current records, all-time records, or both.

While other options exist, dry erase style record boards are a customer favorite for the weight room. These record boards can be updated the moment a record is broken adding to the excitement of the moment. Due to the high turnover of strength records, this option also prevents coaches from having to order and pay for record updates multiple times over the course of a season.

By energizing the look and feel of your weight room, you elevate how your athletes feel about their school and team. This new-found energy can help build a culture of strong work ethic and friendly competition. Reach out to Team Fitz Graphics today for more info on graphics for the weight room. One of our sales reps will be happy to discuss the options, answer questions, and make suggestions to fit any budget.

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