Is Your Swimming Program’s Legacy on Display?

Every swimming and diving athlete dreams about leaving a lasting mark when they move on to the next level or other paths in life. Likewise, every school has a history and tradition of athletes that have contributed to the big wins, championships, and upsets that make up its athletic legacy.

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The Best Record Board Options for a Lobby, Athletic Hallway, or Outside Concessions

Topics: Record Boards

There are many styles of athletic record boards available. When considering a record board for your school it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the different options so you can make an informed decision. In this article we will discuss two different types of record boards that are designed for an up-close viewing distance of around 25’ or less. Both options are sized perfectly for placement in an athletic department lobby or hallway, outside the gym entrance, or even hung outside near concessions.

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Introducing A Game Changer...Our Multisport Dry Erase Board

Custom field and court dry erase boards are one of our best-selling locker room products. Despite great interest, one concern we hear from coaches is that they share the locker room with other teams. This means that anything they choose to hang needs to represent all teams that use the facility rather than just one sport.

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Choose the Swimming Record Board that Will Work Best for Your Location

Installation location is an important factor to consider when you’re looking at swimming record board options. Differences such as viewing distance and whether the board is indoor or outdoor are significant when it comes to choosing the right board for your facility. Let’s explore the different swim record board options based on the most common locations they’re installed.

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FAQs related to National Signing Day and Letter of Intent

Signing day, also known as National Letter of Intent Day, is one of the most exciting moments for a student-athlete. Years of hard work lead up to this day and this is the first step in a high school athlete becoming a college student-athlete. With this exciting day, there are often many questions. Below we tried to answer the most popular questions.

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