5 College Looks to Inspire Your High School’s Athletic Graphics

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 06/06/2019

High school Coaches and Athletic Directors are always looking for ways to keep their athletes engaged and motivated to perform. To get new ideas, they naturally look to what others are doing that has been effective. What is the team across the city, at the top of the league, or across the state doing to help their program?

Stop thinking peer to peer and start thinking bigger. There are many motivational products used at the college and university-level that are effective at producing results. Here are 5 college projects that can be easily adopted by high school athletic programs.


There is no better communication tool for a basketball coach than a basketball court dry erase board. During pre-game they can review player matchups, keys to victory, or the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition. At halftime, they can use it to show areas of improvement, new plays, or highlight places to trap on the court. Keys to the game can also be highlighted with up-to-date stats.

Basketball court designs can be customized to match your specific gym floor, colors and logo. Choose full courts, half courts, depth chart, just room to write, or anything else you like. Additionally, every Team Fitz dry erase board is backed up with a lifetime guarantee against marker ghosting, color fading, and defects in materials and workmanship.

PRICE RANGE: $650 – $1,000


If you want your athletes to push themselves hard in the weight room, then give them something to shoot for. By putting your programs strength records front and center in the weight room, everyone will know exactly where they stand. More importantly they know where they need to be to claim a top spot.

Weight room record boards are customized to include and strength or conditioning test, and the number of player slots you prefer. Like the basketball dry erase board above, these weight room record boards come with a lifetime guarantee ensuring a great value that will withstand the test of time.

PRICE RANGE: $650 – $1,000


Looking to get more out of your swimmers? Consider upgrading your facilities with a custom swim record board like the one pictured for the Cougars of Washington State University. A swimming record board is a big upgrade for two main reasons. It not only recognizes the accomplishments of past athletes; it also motivates current swimmers to break records.

These record boards range broadly in size depending on the location installed and the desired viewing distance. For example, a 4’ x 4’ board might be appropriate for a hallway or athletic lobby, whereas a 12’ x 8’ might make more sense on the wall of a natatorium. Some of the larger boards are 25’ x 10’ and even larger.

PRICE RANGE: $625 – $5,000


Banners showcase a school’s athletic legacy to players, parents and visiting opponents. They are a great way to honor past teams, while also adding in color to traditionally bland gyms. Brandeis chose to display their NCAA appearances, but add-a-year banners can be customized to include league, sectional, regional, or state championships.

Championship banners are available in many shapes and sizes and are easy to update as new future championships are won. Adhesive-backed update decals come pre-spaced, making alignment simple. It’s usually not even necessary to take the banners off of the wall.

PRICE RANGE: $215 – $350


A team goal board is perfect for displaying the short and long-term goals you’ve set for your team. This volleyball goal board is used as an effective tool to show how smaller achievements culminate to help the LSU Tigers reach their ultimate goals for the season. When these statistical areas are laid out in front of a team, it’s easy for them to see where wins and losses were earned.

Each goal board is custom designed to include the number of games you play and goals you want to accomplish. Goals and opponents are easily changed from year to year.

PRICE RANGE: $650 – $1,000

Interested in bringing the college look to your school? Reach out to a Team Fitz rep today to get your project started. Our professional staff will answer any questions and provide you with a free custom proof and quote for your project.

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