A Good Dry Erase Board Should Last a Lifetime!

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 07/13/2016

A custom dry erase board is a great addition to any locker room or weight room. Coaches and athletic directors love the ability to illustrate plays on field & court boards, encourage progress with strength record boards and even keep track of events with calendar and schedule dry erase boards.


The most common questions we get from new customers are about the quality of our marker boards. We’ve all had the experience of purchasing a product that turns out to be less than promised. This can be a disappointing and sometimes costly experience. Like all Team Fitz products, great attention to detail is given to the manufacturing process of our custom dry erase boards.


It all starts with our photographic imaging process. Using sublimation technology, your custom designs become an embedded part of the board. This not only makes the surface smooth as glass, but it also makes every inch writable. All Team Fitz white boards feature a high-gloss dry erase coating that ensures your board will always remain brilliantly white, guaranteed. Finally, our boards are wrapped with a durable aluminum frame and finished with an accessory tray.


All Team Fitz Graphics dry erase boards carry a lifetime warranty against ghosting, fading and defects in materials and workmanship. You never have to worry about replacing your board because it has faded or ghosted, even after years of use.


No special cleaners required. The Team Fitz high-gloss dry erase coating can be cleaned easily using just water or glass cleaner. This makes drawing up a new play, updating your records, or setting a new schedule even easier.


70% of materials used in Team Fitz Dry Erase Boards are recycled. Our coating and printing process is also VOC (volatile organic compound) free.


Every Team Fitz Graphics Dry Erase Board is manufactured right here in our hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. We take great pride in our Cincinnati roots, and we want that commitment to our roots to shine through the quality of every product we carry.

Team Fitz Graphics is a leading supplier of custom dry erase boards for athletic programs nationwide. We take pride in our precise design and manufacturing. Reach out to speak with a member of our sales team to go over the specifics of your project and get us started on a free custom design and quote proposal.

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