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Posted by  Seth Thitoff on 09/30/2019

Basketball coaches use many different approaches to get, and keep, their team on track. Great communication is key to ensuring that message is received. After all, it doesn’t matter how good the plan is if there is confusion over how to execute.

There are several types of custom basketball dry erase boards that can help you communicate your vision by tracking goals, rewarding effort, motivating, and even by simply diagraming a play with a quick sketch.

Check out some of the custom dry erase boards we’ve recently produced for basketball coaches to see some of the design possibilities.

Basketball Court Dry Erase Board – MOST POPULAR


 Elizabethton High School, Elizabethton, TN

Elizabethton went with one of our most popular designs for their custom 6’x4’ Basketball Court Dry Erase Board. This design features a full court for diagraming plays on the left and then two half courts on the right side. The full courts are great for sketching press and press-break plays. We can easily customize the court so that it matches your actual home court if you would like.

The right-side features two half-court layouts. These are usually a little more simply designed than the full court and are ideal for drawing in-bounds plays, set-offenses, and zone defenses. Some clients choose to include another full court layout instead of the half courts. Any design is possible. If the board is reduced in size to 4’x4’, then we typically leave the full court and pull off the half courts. If your wall space allows for an 8’x4’ board, then you can add full or half courts in the additional space.

The middle area usually includes a watermarked logo. This help create a piece that pops off the locker room wall and really looks first class. This middle area is commonly used to write game notes, specific match-up details, team goals, and even starting line-ups.


Team Goal Board


Hewitt-Trussville High School, Trussville, AL

Team goal boards are the second most popular style of dry erase boards we sell for basketball. With this board, Hewitt-Trussville wanted to focus on the keys to the game that most had to do with effort. Applying maximum effort is the most important part of their program. They even nicknamed themselves Hustleville.

Across the top you will see the different hustle categories which they are tracking. There is a heavy focus on defensive movement and doing whatever it takes. Some teams choose to focus on more traditional statistical team goals including free throw percentage, shooting percentage, turnovers, and possessions. Whatever your team determines to be the most important can be incorporated into the design.

Down the left side are spaces where each opponent can be written in. For most goal boards, we print static clings with your schedule on it, but some people choose to simply write in the names with dry erase marker. Before the start of each season, coaches reach out to us to request a new set of clings to update their board. A fresh set is only $25.

Some coaches write in specific statistics in the grid area, or we can print a set of “accomplishment clings” to fill the spaces as goals are reached. As the season progresses, these boards offer a fantastic visual of how each individual goal adds up to wins and losses.

Most of the team goal boards we do are either 4’x4’ or 6’ x 4’ in a landscape orientation. This board is a little unique because it is setup as in a 4’ x 6’ portrait layout.


Individual Goal Board


Forest High School, Ocala, FL

Individual goal boards are a newer concept we are seeing. With all of the data trends in professional sports moving to more definable and measurable abilities, it was only a matter of time until this concept worked its way down to the high-school level.

Forest High School uses their board to list the individual performance statistics of each person on the team. While some intangibles cannot be measured, more than likely the positive intangibles will produce measurable results. This board also allows each individual player to measure themselves against each other. While frustrations about playing time will always exist, a board like this helps players know where they stand and where opportunities lie.

This board is designed so each player name can be written in the far-left column. Because the board is dry erase, it can be reused season after season. After each game, the film will be broken down and each individual stat can be updated. For this board, their coach did a good job of recognizing the importance of a complete game. The statistical categories included cover shooting percentages, rebounds, turnovers, and hustle plays like dives and charges.

Most coaches already have spreadsheets with these statistics, this is a way to share that information with the team in a very visible and transparent way.


Mobile Dry Erase Board


Midwest Central High School, Manito, IL

Not every locker room has room for a wall-mounted custom dry erase board. A mobile dry erase board offers a solution to this problem and some additional versatility. Because it’s mounted on wheels, this board can be easily moved from the locker room to courtside. This is especially popular during practice so that you can diagram on the spot. Additionally, these boards can be spun around or flipped over to reveal the second side.

Midwest Central created a board that works for their girls basketball team and their girls volleyball team. Both sides display the popular full court while the basketball board has two half courts instead of an additional full court. The middle section of each side has the logo watermarked creating a great looking board when blank. In reality, this middle section is used to record practice plans, game notes, specific matchups, or roster notes.

All graphics are printed subsurface, so coaches can write anywhere across the perfectly smooth surface. A lot of thought was put into the hardware from the sturdy aluminum frame to the special non-marking rubber wheels that won’t mark up your gym floor.


Weight Room Record Board


Navarro High School, Austin, TX

Having a successful basketball season does not only happen because of the work done on the court. Having great athletes means keeping all players accountable in the classroom and in the weight room. Our weight room record boards are an outstanding visual to motivate athletes in the offseason.

The Navarro Vikings purchased separate 6’x4’ dry erase boards for their boys’ and girls’ teams. Because each board is customizable, any element can be changed. Navarro chose to list the different exercises across the top using custom static clings. This allows them to update the exercises they want to track as time goes on. If they wanted to track academic GPA or other areas, they could easily write those categories in. Below each exercise, they divided current athletes by grade. There is room to list the top-three athletes per exercise per grade. The top row just below the exercise name is a special column for the All-Time leader.

Strength record boards are very popular, and it seems we rarely create similar designs. Depending on the strength and conditioning preferences of the coaches, these boards are highly customized for each weight room. Some clients like to list only the leader while others want to list the top 3, 10, or 25. No matter your preference, we can design a board that fits your goals.


Custom Board


Fountain Valley High School, Fountain Valley, CA

The Hustle Board first got attention when an NBA team shared an image of the one in their locker room. This particular example lists different hustle categories such as charges, blocks, and dives for loose balls. Each time a player executes one of these hustle plays, they get a check in the related column. The theory here is that hustle has nothing to do with skill and everyone should have an equal opportunity to show up on the hustle board. You will notice that the board does not include any reference to wins or losses. The point of this board is to shine a light on the categories and the players doing the extra that needs to be done to get extra wins throughout the season.

The far-left column has each players name and all columns next to their name shows the number of hustle plays the player has pulled off. Some teams assign point values to each play and a grand total is shown in the far-right column. Obviously, the players who play the most have the greatest opportunity to execute hustle plays, so often teams divide the total amount of points by the minutes played to show who is truly hustling the most in their time on the court.


No matter your need, a custom dry erase board can be amazing communication tool. The above examples demonstrate unique and creative ways to diagram plays, track goals, communicate statistics, show development, and hopefully create motivation.

The main advantages that Team Fitz Custom Dry Erase Boards have include fully customized designs and subsurface graphics. Top technology and materials are used to manufacture each board allowing us to offer a lifetime guarantee with every dry erase board we sell.

Reach out to our team today if any of these designs would benefit your program. If you have ideas that are different then the ones above, send them over and challenge us. We love working on new ideas and creating products that make teams better.

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