Introducing A Game Changer...Our Multisport Dry Erase Board

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 11/15/2019

Custom field and court dry erase boards are one of our best-selling locker room products. Despite great interest, one concern we hear from coaches is that they share the locker room with other teams. This means that anything they choose to hang needs to represent all teams that use the facility rather than just one sport.


Fields and Courts Easily Changed

Addressing this concern, we are excited to announce a first-in-the-industry Multisport Dry Erase Board. This product features custom magnetic field and court overlays that can be easily changed out depending on who is using the locker room. If the basketball team is using the locker room, the coach can easily unroll the basketball court, slap it onto the board and start diagraming plays. After basketball practice, the volleyball coach can simply change out the basketball court for the volleyball court overlay.

Our magnetic overlays can be designed for any sport. They can even be designed to match the exact field or court at a school. In addition to the typical field and court overlays, we can also design magnets that feature anything else such as team goals, practice schedule, or keys to victory. Printed on heavy-duty magnetic material, these overlays simply roll up when not in use. When in use, the dry erase markers write fluidly on the high-gloss coating and erase cleanly.


Wall-Mounted and Mobile Options

This new Multisport Dry Erase Board is offered in two different styles. The first is a wall-mounted dry erase board that can be easily attached to your locker room wall. This tried-and-true traditional option is our most requested style.

For locker rooms that are short on wall space, a mobile dry erase board is a great solution while also offering some additional versatility. Because it’s mounted on wheels, it can be easily rolled from the locker room to court-side. This is popular during practice so diagrams can be drawn on the spot. Because the rubber wheels are non-marking, there is no worry about it marking up the gym floor. Additionally, mobile dry erase boards are double-sided offering twice the available writing space.

Both options feature a bright white writing surface and brilliantly printed graphics. The entire design is printed subsurface, so coaches can write anywhere across the perfectly smooth surface.

Made in the USA and Guaranteed for Life!

All Team Fitz Graphics dry erase boards are made in the USA. They are also covered with a lifetime guarantee against ghosting, fading, and defects in materials and workmanship. You never have to worry about replacing your board because it has ghosted or faded, even after years of use. This same comprehensive guarantee applies to our magnetic overlays.

Whether you are looking for a custom dry erase board for one team or your whole program, Team Fitz Graphics has a solution for you. Reach out to us today for a zero-risk, free proof and quote.

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