3 Things Every Athletic Director Should Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 11/19/2018

The autumn leaves have fallen, and frost is starting to settle on the grass outside your stadium.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner… but between work obligations, getting together with family, and preparing a Thanksgiving feast, it can be tough to find time to reflect on the things you’re really thankful for. After all, that’s what Thanksgiving is really about, right?


In the often-hectic life of an athletic director, there’s probably nothing better than being organized and prepared. Here are three preparedness-promoting things that athletic directors can be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

1. A Clear Facility Schedule

You know the feeling — your athletic calendar is crisply organized, all of your team’s practice sessions are neatly scheduled, and your whole program is totally prepped for the winter season. 

Whether you need to organize four months or a full year of scheduling for your athletic program, a dry erase board can be the perfect tool to help you keep track of everything you’ve got going on. When you’ve got your house in order, you can’t help but feel like there are nothing but sunny skies ahead. 

2. Your Gym is Ready for Holiday Basketball

Watching sports is right up there with turkey and cranberry sauce as iconic Thanksgiving traditions. That’s especially important for athletic directors who need to make their gyms presentable for the major influx of Thanksgiving sports fans.

Don’t disappoint fans or visitors during your annual holiday tournament or the full slate of basketball games during this festive time. Refreshing your championship banners, wall graphics, and record boards can set you on the right path leading up to Thanksgiving and beyond.

3. You’re Prepared for the Spring Season and Beyond

One core aspect of any athletic director’s job is being prepared for the upcoming seasons and milestones throughout the year.

Getting things in order for spring sports programs and National Signing Day are essential this time of year —  but once everything’s done, there’s perhaps no better feeling than sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner knowing your facilities and program are completely ready for the winter season.

With Thanksgiving approaching quickly, feel free to reach out to a Team Fitz rep for solutions that’ll help you get your athletic facilities organized in time for the holiday.

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