Waldron High School Elevates Program with a Custom Basketball Dry Erase Board

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When it comes to encouraging player development, coaches rely on clear communication. 65% of the population consists of visual learners, or people that recall information best when they see images or demonstration. Leaning too heavily on spoken word or lectures can be a missed opportunity for coaches. By adding visual cues to your lesson such as an illustration of a play, you are playing to the strength of both sight and sound recollection. This multiple-sense approach can help create vivid memories and impactful instruction.


This is the approach taken by Anthony Thomas, Head Girls Basketball Coach at Waldron High School in Indiana. Coach Thomas recently contacted us to create a basketball dry erase board for his locker room. While these boards are all custom designed, we sell more dry erase boards for basketball than any other sport.

Every field & court coaches board is completely customized to meet the needs of each team.

Popular inclusions are full and half court illustrations (that can even be matched to your home court), depth chart, keys to the game section, and room to write. The Waldron Mohawks’ design features a full court, two half courts and additional room to write notes and instruction. The design also includes a small Mohawk logo in the custom header along with a ghosted logo in the background for added visual interest—all in a royal blue and white color scheme.

Waldron High School can rest assured their new purchase will not only look great in their locker room, but it will last. Every dry erase board Team Fitz sells carries a lifetime guarantee against ghosting, fading, and defects in workmanship and materials.

By experimenting with this and other teaching methods, you will be able to hone in on what is most effective for your team. Contact Team Fitz Graphics today to speak with a sales representative. We will be happy to answer any questions or provide a custom quote.

If you are not quite ready to reach out, download our comprehensive guide to athletic dry erase boards. This free guide provides detailed info on everything from design examples to options available.

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