Turpin High School Gets New Gym Banners

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 05/20/2016

Set on a lush and wooded 50.3-acre campus in the hills of Cincinnati, Turpin High School is an ideal place for students to learn. With a strong history of academic achievement, Turpin has been placed in the top 5 high schools in the state of Ohio on the state report card. It has also made Newsweek’s list of top 500 high schools in the nation.

Turpin High School is also an ideal place to participate in athletics and extracurricular activities. The campus includes top-notch athletic facilities including a uniquely-shaped baseball stadium that plays to the hilly geography of the site, recent football field-turf and track upgrades, tennis courts, practice fields and weight-lifting facilities to name a few. Over summer break following the 2015-2016 school year, construction will begin on a new branch to the building which will include a new auxiliary gymnasium.

In late 2015, Team Fitz Graphics was asked to develop a plan to replace all existing gym banners in the Spartan’s 1,500-seat basketball arena. Time had taken a toll on the existing banners and it was time for an upgrade. Team Fitz met with Eric Fry, Turpin’s Athletic Director, to discuss the needs of the school and determine the best course of action to bring the project to life. There were four major components requested by Mr. Fry:

  • Clean up the space and provide an updated look
  • Quality product that withstands the test of time
  • Allow for future growth
  • Hassle-free ordering and application of future updates

After assessing customer needs, the Team Fitz design team went to work outlining a plan to clean up the space and update the overall look. It was determined there was a need for the following components:

  • Add-a-Year Banners - One for each sport to include victories such as league, sectional, district and regional wins.
  • Championship Banners – Individual banners reserved for the big state championship wins.
  • Add-a-Line Banners – Banners with running list of individual state champions.
  • Conference Banners / Board – Recognize all the teams in the conference (more on this component in a future blog article).


 The first considerations were banner size, quantities and design aesthetics. It was important to make sure all sports were represented and the banners were readable from an appropriate distance. Three-inch-tall lettering was incorporated into the designs to allow for approximately 100’ feet of viewing distance. This type size was larger than the type size on the existing banners and a good size for the space. Once that was established, initial designs were mocked up and a proposal was submitted. Care was taken to provide high-quality design that thoughtfully incorporated the established school logo and colors. Turpin did not already have PMS colors selected as part of it’s branding, so Team Fitz selected appropriate maroon and gold Pantone colors. The PMS color codes were then provided to Turpin High School to help ensure a good color match for future projects. Recommendations were also made regarding final banner placement and spacing to maximize the visual impact in the space provided. Additionally, quotes and samples were provided for three different material options to choose from including standard vinyl, premium nylon and rigid PVC. Feedback was received and adjustments were made to the project until the customer was satisfied and ready to move forward.

The option selected was rigid, sign-style banners made with quarter-inch thick PVC substrate. Vibrantly printed graphics were then applied to the PVC and covered with a protective, anti-glare laminate. The laminate also included a UV light blocker to prevent color fade. The main benefits of this premium sign-style banner material is that it offers more design flexibility, lays perfectly flat regardless of temperature / humidity changes and passage of time.

Allowing enough room for future growth was also an important component to this project. After time and financial resources are committed to a large project such as this, it needs to fit the school’s needs for a long time period. Every school has some sports that are more successful than others. It is a bit of an art selecting how much room for growth to provide. Team Fitz strives to strike a balance between allowing plenty of room to grow and not making the banners appear too empty, diminishing hard-earned wins. 10 years projected growth is typically the target, although this is at the customer’s discretion.

Perhaps the most overlooked consideration when selecting a banner provider is service after the sale. The nature of a banner project includes a need to add updates as future wins are notched. It was important to Turpin High School that these banners be updated quickly and easily long after the initial sale. Team Fitz offers a no-hassle update process. When an update is needed, call or email your representative to let them know what is needed. Simple as that! All updates are then shipped out ready to apply to the banner. The adhesive-backed vinyl updates are easily added to the banner much like a sticker. They also come pre-spaced to ensure quick and proper alignment. Banners generally do not even need to be taken off the wall to update, making maintenance departments happy.


When asked about his recently installed championship banner project, Eric Fry said “I have worked with Team Fitz Graphics on several projects here at Turpin High School, most recently our Championship Banner redesign. The crew at Team Fitz are professional and provide several different options until you find the one that fits your situation the best. The designs are top quality, they will have your athletic area looking first class by the end of the project. I would highly recommend them for any project at your athletic facility.”

Call and speak with a representative today at 855.356.8550 to discuss the specifics of your gym banner project. Team Fitz would love the opportunity to show you what they can do for you.

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