The Most Popular Cheer Gear this Football Season

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 08/16/2017

Each fall, cheer squads across the country play a vital role supporting their football team and the fans. High energy and carefully-choreographed routines pump up the crowd and add to the game-day spectacle. Looking for some additional support? Here are the most popular flags and banners that help cheerleaders bring the crowd to a fever pitch.

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Heavy-duty field runner flags are the best-selling cheer product and for good reason! Cheerleaders running proudly down the field with flags streaming behind can awaken and re-engage anyone in the stands. These cheer flags are used at the start of games, after big plays to keep momentum, as well as timeout cheers to share team spirit.

Team Fitz cheer flags are available in several size options. We typically recommend larger sizes such as 6’ x 4’ or 8’ x 5’ for display of a team logo or mascot. A series of smaller flags, such as 3’ x 5’, are great for spelling out a team or school name.

Each flag we produce starts with a heavy-duty nylon material that features an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. The custom design is then permanently embedded into the fabric using a dye-sublimation printing process. The flags are then double sewn on all sides and include a reinforced pole pocket at the leading edge to accommodate a flag pole.

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Another popular fall cheer product is the breakaway banner. Don’t miss your opportunity to make a big first impression. These banners are designed to build anticipation for the fans and pump up the team as they burst through the banner and come streaming onto the field.

Built to last, these run-through banners are designed to be used over and over again. The process begins with a choice between fabric or vinyl materials. Our polyester soft knit fabric is our premium breakaway banner material. This wrinkle-resistant option is hassle-free and very durable. Vinyl banner is another popular option. The main advantage is it’s cost-effective price point.

Regardless of material choice, each breakaway cheer banner is custom designed and printed with vivid, full-color graphics. All edges are double sewn with reinforced pole pockets on each side and a Velcro seam down the middle. Support poles are included with every breakaway banner purchase.

Football teams rely on their cheer squad to keep the fans excited. Field-runner flags and breakaway banners are helpful tools to add to the drama on Friday nights. Team Fitz specializes in custom graphics for athletic programs nationwide—from youth to professional. Give us a call today for more info or a custom quote.

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