The Benefits of Using Windscreen Mesh on Your Fencing

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 01/16/2020

In the printing industry the material you see custom printed and stretched across tennis courts, baseball stadium fences, and perimeter fences is typically called mesh. In the athletic world, this product is typically referred to as windscreen. Chances are you have seen custom printed mesh and windscreen at schools, construction sites, athletic fields, and other fenced-in areas across your city. This article is meant to highlight some of the key reasons this is such a popular product.



Fences line virtually every property up and down major roads. For many schools and businesses these fences provide the perfect structure and square footage to promote their brand. With developments in print technology the past decade, each custom windscreen can be as creative or as simple as you would like. Use the visible square footage to work for your brand by including logos, bullet points of services, or even images promoting your brand. Construction sites are a very popular place to display windscreens, and this is an opportunity to tell the public what is being constructed, advertise the contractors, and possibly create a call-to-action advertisement. Look at your facility to see if you have any existing fence line that you could start making work for you and your brand.



Fences are inexpensive solutions to create secure areas. Typically, when fences are put up, it is to keep people out and to protect assets inside of the fence. By installing a custom windscreen on that fence, you can reduce the visibility into the facility making it more secure. Often, local municipalities love windscreens as a solution because they are a nice and clean way to conceal what others would consider an eyesore. Perhaps you have an electrical box, dumpster, or other eyesore on your property that is currently fenced in and would benefit from concealment. Installing a fence with a custom windscreen easily covers the concern turning a visual liability into an asset.



In terms of cost per square foot, custom windscreens are one of the most cost-effective solutions for covering large areas. Windscreens are traditionally installed on fences, but it is becoming more common to install windscreens along the sides of buildings, inside of gyms, and along warehouse walls. The mesh material provides the benefits of allowing air to pass through, being relatively lightweight, and easily installed in large areas. Look at the inside and outside of your facility. Dress up large areas with a custom windscreen which will typically be your most cost-effective solution.


If you’re interested in learning more about custom windscreens for your property, contact our team today. We’d be happy to provide you with custom pricing and a free design mock-up for the project.


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