Take Back Home Court Advantage With These 3 Gym Upgrades

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 11/28/2017

It’s time to take back home court advantage and give your team the edge. Check out these three gymnasium upgrades that can help your program take back home court advantage this season.


1.  Install large format wall graphics near the entrance and the gym.

By installing wall graphics in key places in your athletic facilities, you get maximum impact without breaking the bank. Focus on key high-traffic areas such as the athletics lobby or gym entrance. Well-designed graphics in these spaces help set the tone for a matchup before your rivals have even set foot in the gym.

Large-format wall graphics lend a professional look to your facilities by carefully combining your logo, team colors, and other graphic elements into an impactful design. The most popular designs include oversized logos, school slogans, motivational words, and team and athlete photo collages.

Whether you are interested in rejuvenating an existing building or adding instant color to a stark new facility, wall graphics can be a great way to set the tone.

2.  Motivate athletes with a gymnasium record board.

Record boards are one of the most requested graphic products for high school athletics for good reason. They are not only a chance to honor the hard work put in by past student athletes, they are also a great motivator of current athletes.

There are several styles of record boards that are suitable for a gym, but the biggest factor that helps determine the right style is viewing distance. A Slide-In Record Board is perfect for a viewing distance of 25’ or less, such as at a gym entrance, athletic lobby or next to a concessions stand. For a viewing distance of 25’ or greater, such as across the gym from the main stands, consider a Velcro-Panel Record Board.

3.  Honor your athletes and free up wall space with Add-A-Year Banners.

Everyone is familiar with the rows of gym banners that line the walls of a typical high school gymnasium. Often these banners honor individual championship victories, which can create a problem as available wall space diminishes.

Add-A-Year Banners are a great solution to this problem allowing many wins to be displayed on a single banner. Typical projects include a banner for each sport and are customized to include one type of win such as a conference championships or multiple categories such as: conference, regional, and state appearances. Add-A-Year Banners are easily updated with adhesive-backed year additions. It is generally not even necessary to take them off the wall when a victory is notched.

By combining great-looking banners into a space saving and easy-to-update package makes Add-A-Year Banners a popular gym upgrade.

A major gym renovation is not realistic for many athletic programs. Fortunately, a total renovation is not always necessary to breathe new life into a facility. Smaller, impactful upgrades over time can make a world of difference. Reinforce your home court advantage today, and give your athletes and fans the experience they deserve!

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