Stand Up to the Weather With the Right Pole Banner Brackets

Posted by  Seth Thitoff on 10/18/2018

Widely seen along city boulevards and college campuses, light-pole banners are quickly becoming a popular outdoor banner with high schools. In addition to creating a professional, university campus feel, boulevard banners are a great way to brand outdoor areas such as a main drive, parking lots, and athletic facilities.

heber_springs_boulevard_bannerThese banners most often display a school mascot, school name, or slogan and are custom designed using school colors and branding. Other popular uses are to highlight key locations such as a gym entrance, visitor parking, or directions to the ball field. They are even sometimes used to showcase victories such as state title wins.

How the banners are mounted to the light-pole is just as important as what you display on the banner. While pole banner hardware may not be the most exciting topic, choosing the right hardware is critical to ensure your banner has a long life and your purchase is a good investment. Wind and weather can wreak havoc on a boulevard banner causing not only damage to the banner, but in some cases, even damage to the poles themselves.

Our PremiumFlex pole banner brackets are approved for use in many national and worldwide municipalities for good reason. From a 25 mph breeze to a 70 mph storm, these bracket kits shrug off the wind and survive intact. A spring-loaded tension system allows a banner to flex according to wind speed and direction.

PremiumFlex’s angle change spills 87% of the wind compared to less than 25% for standard brackets. Instead of catching the wind and tearing, banners bow briefly to let wind spill away safely. When the wind dies down, banners and poles return to their original taught position. This is something a traditional fixed bracket simply cannot offer.

Notable features include:

  • Eliminates damage to banners, brackets and poles from winds up to National Weather Service tornado specifications

  • Speeds banner change-outs

  • Cuts maintenance to a bare minimum

  • Reduces light pole liabilities

  • Keeps banners taut and looking terrific

  • Protects everyone’s banner investment and image

  • Certified and installed across the U.S. and worldwide with proven track record

  • The only outdoor pole bracket allowed by many cities

  • Five sizes, for banners from 9 sq. ft. up to 30 sq. ft. based on wind load

Boulevard banners can be a big investment for a school or organization. Choosing the right hardware to compliment your banners is key to ensuring your money is spent wisely. Reach out to one of our sales reps today to talk about how we can help you build a cohesive and branded message at your school. We would be happy to answer questions, offer advice, and get the ball rolling on a free custom proposal.

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