Pumping Up the Spirit with Field Runner Flags

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 08/01/2016

The big game is about to start. Anticipation is building as the bleachers reach capacity. Then, a row of cheerleaders burst onto the field in a full sprint with big flags streaming behind them. The crowd has been worked into a frenzy! This is why they call it home field advantage. Field Runner Flags have been a staple fixture at sporting events for years. Great for creating excitement, these “Battle Flags” are often seen at pre-game openings, halftime shows, pep rallies and after big plays.



Team Fitz has a talented, in-house design department that can bring your ideas to life. These fully custom flags can be made to include any design element. Most designs include an image of a team mascot, letters or wording. A popular choice is to combine several flags together, each with a single letter, that spell a word when combined (i.e. “C” “A” “T” “S”). Our flags include unlimited color options and they can come in any custom size.


Each flag starts with heavy-duty nylon material that features a high strength-to-weight ratio. The custom design is then dyed into the material using dye-sublimation technology which embeds the ink into the material permanently. Flags are then double-sewn on all sides for strength including a reinforced pole pocket on one side to accommodate a flag pole. The finished result is durable and long-lasting flag featuring vibrant and crisp graphics.


We get a lot of customer questions about the difference between a single and double-sided flag. The difference is pretty straight forward. The dye-sublimation process prints on one side of the material, but bleeds the design through to the other side. When you turn the flag over, the image is then backwards on the other side. This is known as “front side correct, backside reversed.” This is a great option if your design looks good both frontward and as a mirror image. Other advantages of single-sided flags are that they are typically offered at a lower price than double-sided flags and they are also lighter weight because they only require a single layer of fabric.

A double-sided flag looks the exact same on both sides. It involves the same printing process and materials as a single-sided flag. The difference is there are two layers of fabric, each with a unique design, that are sewn together into one flag. We typically recommend a double-sided flag whenever the design includes lettering or wording because otherwise the wording would be backwards on one side making it difficult to read. You may also choose to go with a double-sided flag if your mascot would look strange backwards. As an example, think an eagle mascot flying backwards as your cheerleaders run down the field with the flag.


An often-overlooked part of a good cheer flag is the pole used to carry it. There are many cheap aluminum, PVC and wooden poles available that will ultimately do the job, but are not ideal. Aluminum poles tend to be heavy, PVC and wood weak, and each of these can be a pain to transport due to their length.

Our flagpoles are made specifically for cheer flags. They feature a strong and durable fiberglass construction which should perform well for years down the road. They are very lightweight, so your cheerleaders won’t struggle as they run with and wave the flags. These field-runner flag poles are also telescoping and extend from 6’ to 15’ making transportation simple and allowing you to choose the height you would like to fly your flags. Lastly, a carrying and storage bag is included at no additional cost.

Field Runner Flags are known by many names: Cheer or Cheerleading Flags, Spirit Flags, Letter Flags, Field Runner Flags, Battle Flags, Team Flags and Mascot Flags. Whatever you call them, it is undeniable they are ingrained in the culture of American sports. Reach out to the flag and banner experts at Team Fitz Graphics today to get started on a custom design for your team.

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