Our Favorite Lacrosse Helmet Wrap Designs Right Now

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 03/15/2018

As teams gear up for another season, we get a lot of questions about lacrosse wrap design. Coaches want to know what’s popular with other teams and want to see examples as they gather ideas for their own helmets. While each team is unique, it can be helpful to see some ideas for inspiration. To that end, we thought we would share a few of our favorite wraps in production right now.


Andover Lacrosse Helmet Wraps

Andover United Lacrosse Club – El Dorado, KS

Andover United Lacrosse Club is sporting their grey and lime Viper wraps for the second season in a row. An office favorite, this wrap features a snakeskin pattern throughout. The pattern is finely detailed on the top and backside of the helmet and blown out on the visor wrapping around to the sides. This blown out portion takes on the look of mesh in the design. The Viper logo adorns both sides of the helmet and features small pops of red in the eyes and tongue offering a surprising edge.

Henry Ford Lacrosse Helmet Wraps

Henry Ford High School – Sterling Heights, MI

After repping digital camo wraps in 2017, Henry Ford wanted to mix things up. They were looking for a clean look to go along with their new Cascade R helmets. This wrap features a lot of white space to keep the look clean. An oversized falcon on the left side and an oversized “HF” on the right help break up the white. Pops of maroon on the vents and chin help round out the look. 

Renegades Lacrosse Helmet Wraps

Coastal Renegades Youth Lacrosse – Morehead City, NC

Another repeat customer, the Costal Renegades wrap features a matte black finish with “shattered” texture. This pattern gives the helmet a dangerous look to go with the Renegades skull logo and overall brand. The sides of the helmet feature a large player’s number in an industrial-looking font. These wraps are for kids not afraid to stick necks out to go after a ground ball!

Emerald Ridge Lacrosse Wraps

Emerald Ridge High School – Puyallup, WA

Dark green chrome looks legit on these wraps. Some teams go for flashy, and some go for subtle, somehow Emerald Ridge hit both ends of the spectrum. One side of the helmet features a subtle chrome “ER” logo while the other has a bad ass Jaguar jumping out to bite you. The back panel of this wrap has the “JAGS” team name, but if you look closely, you will see the Jaguar’s eyes staring back at you. The balance of the wrap features a subtle texture that looks better the closer you get. Each player can customize their helmet by applying their chrome player number to the back panel.

Chandler Lacrosse Helmet Wraps

Chandler High School – Chandler, AZ

The Chandler Dogs decided to go with a grunge look. Oversized dog heads with some gnarly fangs flank the sides of the helmet on top of a grunge background pattern. The black and dark grey grunge offers a clean subtle look from far away and some unique detail up close. The vent stripes and bottom back panel pull the Columbia blue out of the logo bringing a strong punch of color.

We offer a full range of lacrosse helmet decals from traditional decal kits to full wraps like the ones shown above. We would love to get started on a custom proof and quote for your squad. Reach out to one of our reps today to get the conversation started.


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