Is Your Swimming Program’s Legacy on Display?

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 12/11/2019

Every swimming and diving athlete dreams about leaving a lasting mark when they move on to the next level or other paths in life. Likewise, every school has a history and tradition of athletes that have contributed to the big wins, championships, and upsets that make up its athletic legacy.


It’s important to proudly display the athletic accomplishments of your program on the walls of your school for everyone to see. Physical signage such as championship banners and record boards forever enshrine athletes and teams in permanent, meaningful displays. This not only honors important achievements, it inspires current athletes to carry on the tradition. Here are the most popular ways swimming & diving honors are displayed in a school:


There is no better way to honor the legacy of your program than the display of championship banners. These can be formatted to fit your specific accomplishments. Not everything needs to be measured in state championships, don’t forget about league and regional titles. After all, tradition breeds championships so be sure to emphasize the accomplishments that lead up to those bigger achievements.

Team accomplishments aren’t the only thing to recognize. Banners are versatile and can be formatted to display individual athlete wins as well. A running list of state winners, medalists, and qualifiers is an impressive way to show the legacy of your individual athletes.


A record board is our favorite way to recognize athletes of any sport. Whether you win a championship or not, there is always going to be a fastest athlete in the 100m freestyle. Make everyone aware of the great swimmers of the past and inspire younger athletes to get their name on the board. Records are made to be broken, so put your records on display so your current athletes know exactly how high to aim.

Swimming record boards can be sized to fit a smaller space such as a lobby or locker room. They can also be designed in a grand format that can be easily read from high on the wall of your natatorium.


Another important part of a swim program's legacy is the athletes that have gone on to compete at the next level. Signing a letter of intent to swim at a college or university is a major accomplishment often the ultimate goal at the end of a high school career. Display these athlete names proudly in your swimming facilities with a next-level board. These boards can be designed to swap names in and out, or to simply keep a running list of college athletes.


Banners are great for displaying individual state champions, but sometimes wall space can be a premium in the pool area. Add-a-name boards are perfect for eye-level pool spaces, athletic hallways, and lobby areas. These are formatted to display a lot of information in a running list. It is a great way to chronicle the legacy of individual league champions, regional champions, or state qualifiers that have come through your swim program.

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