How to Effectively Use Custom Baseball Windscreens

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 03/14/2017

Have you ever been to a baseball game and noticed a plain fence outlining the field? Use custom designed windscreens to block outside disturbances and give your stadium a professional touch. And custom baseball or softball windscreens are not only for fans — athletes can benefit too! Learn how to effectively use these custom banners at your stadium


1. Build a Professional Atmosphere

Custom baseball windscreens perform many helpful and practical functions, such as reducing wind and distractions. Perhaps the most noticeable difference though is how they make your facilities look! Windscreen can instantly transform a generic chain-link fence into a professional looking backdrop. Even the most tired-looking ball fields can see dramatic change for relatively low cost, especially compared to the high costs of renovating an entire facility.

Incorporate your team colors, logos and some oversized lettering for the high-impact look that is often found at university and professional venues. A little color can go a long way towards rejuvenating the look of your fields or taking new playing fields to the next level.

2. Create Batter’s Eye at Your Stadium

“Batter’s eye” is the area along the outfield fence that is directly behind the pitcher. This space should generally be a dark, solid color. This offers sharp contrast against the white ball and gives the batter an uncluttered view as the ball is pitched.

This performance-enhancing feature also increases safety of the batter. Unless instructed otherwise, Team Fitz typically incorporates “batter’s eye” into all their baseball and softball windscreen designs. It’s an effective way to add function to your stadium’s outfield fence and support your baseball and softball players.

3. Support Your School’s Brand

Athletic programs should strive to develop and maintain a standard look across their uniforms, signage and even windscreen banners. If you school already has established brand standards, Team Fitz will reflect those guidelines accurately in the design presented. If your program does not have specific branding in place, you are not alone. Team Fitz designers will incorporate your school logo, colors and style to create a windscreen design that matches your existing facilities or create a new look that you can build on in the future.

Repeated logos, colors, font choices and style are the building blocks of a good brand. Consistency with the use of these items is what visually separates great looking programs from the amateurs. As you move into additional upgrades, you now have brand elements that can be applied throughout your facilities.

Team Fitz Graphics specializes in custom graphics for athletic programs across the country. Give us a call today to speak with a sales rep about custom baseball windscreens for your facility. We would love the chance to provide a free design mockup and quote for your project.

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