How Athletic Directors Set Their Baseball Field Apart

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 03/20/2018

Just like the games being played out on the field, maintaining a clean, modern athletic facility is a competitive sport. Having a professional, sharp-looking ballpark will really set your program apart. With Spring Baseball and Softball upon us, keep in mind these three effective additions that will help your program differentiate itself from the competition.

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1. Branded Outfield Distance Markers 

Don’t miss any opportunities to introduce brand colors and logos at your ballpark. Outfield distance markers are a commonplace piece of signage that can get overlooked, but has the ability to add a real impact if done correctly. 

Choosing between windscreen-style mesh banners or durable aluminum signs, outfield distance markers can be custom designed to fit perfectly into your program’s brand. Depending on the size of the field, our in-house team of designers will recommend the appropriate text size and color combinations.

2. Well-Placed Custom Windscreens 

Fences are an unsightly, but necessary addition to any ballpark. The trick is to add some functionality and make your outfield fence stand out. Outside of just decreasing crosswinds and adding color to the fence, a mesh windscreen banner can support your stadium’s “batter’s eye”. 

Batter’s eye is the space along the fence sitting directly behind the pitcher. With a bright baseball or softball, this fence space should be a darker, solid color. Give your athletes every advantage possible and set your ballpark apart from your rivals with a custom baseball windscreen. 

3. Consistent Campus Signage

Finally, stepping outside of just the actual stadium and field, having consistent signage on campus will really help your program stand out. When visiting teams drive up to the baseball field, make sure you set the expectation of a consistent, well-kept brand. 

A great way to tie your school’s brand together visually, post and panel-style signs connect the campus through site identification, way-finding and directional signage. These aluminum outdoor signs help control the whole experience for visitors.

Looking to set your own baseball or softball field apart? Contact us today and get started on your free proof or quote. Our experienced team of designers is ready to help your program stand out this season.

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