How a Tennis Windscreen Can Improve Your Game

Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 02/10/2017

Adding a tennis windscreen not only gives your court a professional look, it can even improve the game of your tennis players. Windscreens provide a visual backdrop that your athletes can truly benefit from. Here are the main benefits of a tennis court windscreen banner.

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1.  Improving Tennis Ball Contrast

The name “Windscreen” is a little misleading for tennis court fence screening. While tennis windscreen banners can help with wind, the biggest advantage they offer is providing a dark, even background, which improves ball visibility. Darker colors provide the best contrast for a bright yellow tennis ball—dark green, dark blue and black being the most popular colors. This extra contrast helps athletes keep their eyes on the fast-moving ball enhancing performance and enjoyment.

2.  Eliminating Outside Distractions

Any coach will tell you it’s important to eliminate distractions to have an effective practice or game. There are many shapes and colors, not to mention movement outside the court. By blocking out views of the road, parking lot, crowds and other outside disturbances, you allow your players to keep focus on the game.

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3.  Reducing Wind Volume

As previously mentioned, the name windscreen is misleading in that wind blockage is not the main advantage. That is not to say it does not effectively help with wind. While it does not do a lot against the largest of wind gusts, it is effective in breaking up cross breezes and small gusts that have the potential to affect ball travel. This offers your players an advantage, as there is more consistent air flow on the court.

4.  Enhancing the Look of Your Court

In addition to the functions listed above, tennis windscreens also serve to improve the overall look of your facility. Great for blocking out unsightly views and enhancing the look of chain link fences, windscreens also offer an opportunity to add some personality to your courts. Custom designs can include your school logo, colors and even team or court sponsorships. This lends to a professional looking court that reinforces your brand.

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