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Posted by  Ryan Willi on 09/12/2016

Yesterday’s home runs may not count in today’s game, but yesterday’s games play a huge role in defining your program’s legacy. Legacies are born from hard work, dedication and a series of defining moments in competition. Just about every classic sports movie from Hoosiers to Remember the Titans builds up to a defining moment when the athletes rally together to defy the odds. These defining moments inspire current athletes to stay hungry and accomplish seemingly impossible goals, while also setting the bar high for the athletes of tomorrow.


Ensure your program tradition lives on for generations to come. Reach out today and receive a custom quote for one of our high quality recognition boards or banners.

Add-A-Name Boards

Celebrate your individual athletes with our custom Add-A-Name Recognition Board. Built to last with sturdy PVC for indoor display or all-weather aluminum base for the outdoors, our high quality recognition boards are easy to mount and update. In addition to paying homage to student athletes of the past, these boards also remind current athletes of the tradition your program carries.

Championship Banners

Make your mark on program history with a vibrant Championship Banner for your facility. With an assortment of premium materials like poly-fabric, vinyl, PVC or aluminum, you can showcase your team’s championship win in the gym, at the pool or even on the fenceline. We take the time to custom-design each piece so you can be confident your new banner will be impossible to miss.

Add-A-Year Banners

Commemorate another impeccable season with our easy-to-install Add-A-Year Banner. Unlike the Championship Banners, the Add-A-Year Banner allows you to highlight multiple wins all on one piece. With free add-a-year updates for life, these classic banners are easy and inexpensive to maintain.  

From a perfectly executed game-winning shot, to the senior captain’s split-second decision to ditch the plan and run the ball for the first all-state victory, these defining moments in high school sports should never be forgotten. Let our product experts help you honor your program’s tradition with our custom designs, easy installation and lifetime guarantees.

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