Hit the Refresh Button on Your Athletic Facilities

Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 01/31/2017

With winter sports in full swing, this is the perfect opportunity to start planning facility renovations for the new year. This can be challenging, especially when you want your athletic budget to be stretch over the entire year. Here are three cost effective options for Athletic Directors to hit the refresh button on their gymnasium, locker rooms, and stadium.


Make sure you have consistent outdoor school branding. When the spring season begins, don’t be caught without cohesive outdoor signage. The goal is to keep your brand message and themes the same throughout a visitor’s trip to your school and athletic facilities. These different touch points can include parking locations, campus directional signs, reserved parking spots, and even boulevard banners that hang on school streets!

Commonly used on college and university campuses, give your school a professional touch with custom outdoor signs. Choose the style and system that works best for your facilities and start building brand consistency today. Sycamore Community Schools used a series of post and panel signs to unify their school district. Learn more about their outdoor signage project here.

Make a larger-than-life visual impact with large format graphics. These oversized graphics are a cost effective way to revamp existing school or athletic facilities. Working with our seasoned designers, we can add an immediate impact with vibrant colors, full sized team images and even school slogans. Using your school’s logo and brand guidelines, we work tirelessly to find the perfect custom design for your program.

It’s important to note that your graphics don’t need to cover every inch of open wall space in your facility. Your refresh can be achieved with a handful of strategically placed large format graphics in the highest traffic areas of the building. These graphics are generally productive in locker rooms, athletic hallways, weight rooms, or even the entrance to your school.

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