High-Impact Conference Banner Alternatives for your Gym

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 07/15/2016

Every year, professional, collegiate and high school level teams across the country compete in conference tournaments with their peers to see which will take home the championship win for that season. Some of their biggest rivals are within that very same conference that joins them together. Walk into nearly any gym in the nation and you’ll find banners paying respect to the local conference.

While traditional fabric and vinyl banners are still the top choice for showing conference pride, they are not the only option. There are a few rigid sign-style options that should be considered for new conference banners for your gym.


A Die-Cut Conference Board is a great alternative to standard banners. It is essentially an oversized custom-cut sign. Cut to any shape, a typical design would include a mascot logo of each school in the league in an eye-catching layout. A big advantage is the clean look they offer. The design can feature your school’s branded colors versus having your gym look like a circus of your rival’s colors.


Conference members sometimes change. A Velcro-Panel Conference Board can easily be updated when a new school rotates into or out of the conference eliminating the need to replace then entire board. Each school is on its own industrial-strength Velcro panel that can be inexpensively and quickly replaced or rearranged as necessary.

Team Fitz Graphics is a leading supplier of rigid conference signs and traditional conference banners nationwide. Give them a call today or reach out to speak with someone today to talk over your options. Don’t waste any time getting started on your custom design and quote proposal.

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