Guide to Selecting the Best Championship Gym Banners

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 02/21/2020

There is nothing that says high school or college sports better than a row of iconic banners adoring the gymnasium wall. They signify the months and years of hard work that were put into each and every victory displayed. If you are considering new banners for your program, you’ll want to ensure you get the most from your investment. Here is a step-by-step overview of the options available, decisions to be made, and the content needed to make sure your athletic legacy is properly displayed.



      There are a few different styles of championship banners to choose from. The type that is right for your situation largely         depends on the information you would like to display on your banners.

  • Championship BannersChampionship Banners typically display one specific victory. They are often reserved for a State or national championship, but can be used to highlight any kind of win.

  • Add-A-Year Banners – These banners display conference, regional, sectional, state appearances, and other similar wins. A great way to consolidate if you have a particularly successful program or limited wall space in your gym. Add-A-Year Banners are designed to be easily updated. Adhesive-backed, vinyl update years arrive pre-spaced and are easy to apply.

  • Add-A-Line Banners – Similar to the Add-A-Year Banners described above. The primary difference is these banners are used to display accomplishments in a running list.



All Team Fitz Championship Banners are custom designed and manufactured. As a result, they can be made at virtually any size. That being said, there are specific sizes that we recommend for most customers. The most common sizes we sell are 3’x5, 4’x6’, and 4’x8’.

We’re ready to recommend a size for your specific project. Simply send over the information you would like to include on your banners and our design team will take care of the rest. Using best practices, we will put together a design proof detailing the full banner size, approximate viewing distance, and illustrating the space available for future growth. Once you receive your proof, you will of course have the opportunity to make any changes that you would like.



      The next thing to consider is the material your banners will be made with. This decision is largely driven by personal                preference, budget, and whether you intend to hang your banners indoors or outdoors.

  • Poly Fabric – Our premium Poly Fabric is our most popular banner material. These banners are finished with hemmed edges and have a nice weight, which allows them to hang much like a classic felt banner (without the hassle and high expense). These are intended for indoor use only.

  • Vinyl – This is a classic gym banner material at a cost-effective price. Because vinyl banners are printed digitally, they offer the ability to display photo-realistic images. Vinyl banners can be hung indoors or outdoors.

  • PVC – This sign-style banner hangs flat and rigid. Can be cut to any shape. PVC is best suited for indoor applications.

  • Aluminum – Like the PVC option above, an aluminum banner is also a rigid sign-style banner. This is a great option for a long-term outdoor installation.



      The final step is to organize and submit the content for your banners. Below is a quick list of what is needed for a typical        project. Once we have your content, we will be able to get started on a custom design for your banner project.

  • List of Championships You Would Like to Display – i.e. Conference, Regional, Sectional.

    • If you already have all the years gathered, we recommend submitting them at the start of the design process. This allows our designers to space things out appropriately, saving time on the back end by not having to re-design because there is more, or less, info than expected.

  • Your Team Logo – A vector logo will ensure the best results. They are usually editable EPS, AI, or PDF files. If not, please submit a jpg, png, tiff, or other file type.

  • Your Team Colors – Pantone (PMS) colors are recommended if you have them. It’s not a big deal if not, we have a standard set of PMS colors we can use. Another option is to let us know if there is a college or professional team that shares the same colors. We can reference the specific PMS colors of these teams to ensure a match.


Ready to see a custom design mockup and quote for banners? Reach out today to speak with a sales representative. We would be happy to go over the above options and answer any questions you have.


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