Get Your Fans Fired Up for GAMEDAY with New Flags!

Posted by  Seth Thitoff on 07/10/2019

The grass is freshly mowed, the yard lines are newly painted, and the players are warming up for the first home football game of the year. The team leaves the field and coaches review final game plans for a victory. It’s the home opener and the stadium is buzzing with talk of expectations for the season. It’s finally time for the team to take the field.Sound familiar? The anticipation of the first football game is something the people have been looking forward to since the final snap last season. Be sure to capitalize on this by getting your fans as hyped and involved as possible. They remember playing or shouting from the stands back in their glory days. Seeing their team’s colors streaming across the field instills a sense of pride and nostalgia that’s tough to replicate outside of high school and college sports.

In addition to an enthusiastic cheer squad, consider the following gear to amp the crowd and add to the pageantry of the gameday.



Breakaway Banners are the best way to ramp up the anticipation of that opening run onto the field. Players hide behind your logo and burst onto the scene creating that instant cheer from the fans. Display your logo, school name, or team motto. Be sure to pick the right one--not all breakaway banners are created equal.
Fabric Breakaway Banners: Standard breakaway banner sizes are 12’x5’, 10’x6’, 12’x8’, and 12’x10’. Generally, the two larger sizes are recommended for high school teams, with the largest size being the most popular. Fabric is the ideal material for a breakaway banner. It is lightweight enough to be easily held and durable for repeated use. Fabric also can be easily folded for storage.
Vinyl Breakaway Banners: Standard sizes of vinyl breakaway banners are 12’x4’ and 10’x6’. While not as durable as a fabric, vinyl is the most cost-effective solution for a reusable breakaway banner. Vinyl does need to be rolled for storage to avoid any permanent creasing to the banner.



Field-Runner Flags are ideal for keeping the crowd going. Once the team busts through the breakaway banner, lead the players to the sideline and keep the crowd going. They are also perfect for timeouts and big plays to let the crowd know it’s time to cheer on their team.
The most common sizes for field runner flags are 5’x3’, 6’x4’, and 8’x5’. For football games we recommend the largest size, due to fans sitting farther and higher up away from the sidelines. Common designs include the logo, school name, or even the school initials or mascot name spelled out with several flags. Telescoping poles allow you to display the flag up to 15’ in the air but shrink down to 6’ for storage and transport.

Looking for a way to pump up your crowd? Reach out to one of our Team Fitz sales reps today. We make the process easy with a free quote and proof custom designed using your school colors and logo. Get started now to ensure you get yours in time for the home opener!

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