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Posted by  Ryan Willi on 05/21/2018

High-flying stadium flags are a popular way to express school pride by showing off your mascot, school colors, or even your conference rivals. Before purchasing their very own custom flags, customers often have a number of questions about designs, placement, and implementation. Here are four of the most common questions we receive about stadium flags. Feel free to reach out if there are any we’ve missed!


Where are stadium flags usually placed at outdoor facilities or stadiums?

Stadium flags are found anywhere flag poles exist. They are most often flown at the main entrance of a school under the American flag or on smaller poles installed along the top of bleachers, press box, or in other highly-visible area near a field or court. Our experienced team is happy to make a recommendation for your specific facility.

Do you offer customized design for stadium flags?

Of course! All our products are custom, including our stadium flags. Because flags are viewed from a distance, it’s usually best to keep the design simple. The most popular design we sell is a simple colored background with a large mascot or school logo in the center.

Another popular design option when displaying multiple flags is to alternate your school colors or display conference members. There are number of unique and cool designs we’ve seen over the years like using the flags to represent elements of history and tradition.

We’ve had clients use flags to recognize state and conference championships, hall-of-fame athletes, and historical logos. If your program is looking for an additional revenue source, you could always sell sponsorships and have the flags produced in your school colors but with the sponsors logo.

How are stadium flags usually mounted?

Stadium flags are displayed on a flag pole much like the American flag that hangs at the entrance of most schools. The leading edge of each flag is finished with a durable canvas header. This is a narrow strip of canvas that is wrapped around the leading edge of the nylon flag and double sewn in place. It provides strength and durability for this part of the flag that takes the most abuse.

Metal grommets are then added to the top and bottom of the canvas header which can be attached directly to the snap hooks of your rope used to raise the flag (halyard).

Most stadiums have a chain-link fence or a solid wall surrounding the bleachers. Both surfaces provide easy opportunities to mount a flag pole. For chain link fences, the pole mounts attach to the vertical poles of the fence. For a solid wall, a flagpole can usually be anchored directly to the wall.

When considering stadium flagpole installation, make sure the flags will fly out of reach of fans and visitors. Also, be sure to install the flags so they avoid tree branches or other obstructions on which the waving flags might get caught.  

What is the lifespan of a stadium flag?

There are many variables that affect the longevity the lifespan of flags, such as the installation, hardware used, and most especially the weather. By design, flags are supposed to interact with the outside environment. Rain, snow, sun, and wind take a heavy toll on any outdoor flag. We warranty the delivery of high-quality flags that are free from any manufacturing defects and assure a fantastic print quality, but once installed outside the longevity is largely dependent on factors outside our control.

That said, we can estimate approximate lifespan based on the experience we’ve gathered over the years. Flying your flags year round will significantly reduce the lifespan. The typical life we have seen in these cases is approximately a two years. We suggest taking the flags down after each game or at the end of the season at the very least. Storing your flags in a dry, indoor location when not in use can dramatically increase the life of a flag, upwards of 5+ years.

Our sales team would be more than happy to answer any other questions that you have concerning stadium flags or any of our other products.  Each project is unique, but with our experience we can help you upgrade your stadium and fan experience. Give us a call at 855.356.8550 or email us at info@teamfitzgraphics.com to discuss your custom flag project!

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