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Posted by  Ryan Willi on 10/24/2017

Rows of iconic Add-A-Year Banners are a familiar sight in high school and college gyms around the nation. These banners proudly highlight the athletic legacy of the school represented. As a result, they are one of our most popular and best-selling products. When speaking with our customers, many of the same questions are typically asked. We thought it would be helpful to include a list of the most common questions asked about this popular product.

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What is the difference between Add-a-Year Banners and Championship Banners?

Championship banners typically honor a single victory such as a state championship. Add-A-Year Banners recognize multiple wins on a single banner. These banners often include several categories such as league, district, regional, and state runner-up wins. The primary benefit is that you can show off multiple wins without taking up the space or fronting the additional cost of individual banners.

What size banners do I need for my gym?

The most common Add-A-Year Banner sizes we produce are 4’x6’, 4’x7’ and 4’x8’. The appropriate size for Add-A-Year Banners is determined by three factors including: desired viewing distance, number of accomplishments recognized, and level of past success.

Every gym is different, so the appropriate viewing distance fluctuates from project to project. Our designers typically shoot for 3” tall years to start. This type size offers approximately 100’ of viewing distance, which is effective for most gyms. This size can be increased or decreased depending on your specific facility and needs.

The accomplishments recognized is probably the biggest factor that determines banner size. Obviously, more room will be needed if the design includes conference, district, and state championships than if it simply recognizes conference wins.

Lastly, the level of past success helps determine size. Teams that have been successful and a long history may require larger banners than newer programs or less successful programs.

Your sales rep and design team will recommend the best banner size for your project. A detailed design mock up including the approximate viewing distance will be submitted to you ensuring you have the final say.

What material options are available?

Below is a brief description of the materials available for Add-A-Year Banners. Your sales representative would be happy to quote one or more of these options if you would like to compare.

  • POLY FABRIC: Our premium poly fabric is our most popular banner material. These banners are finished with sewn edges and have a nice heavy weight, which allows them to hang much like a classic felt banner. Made to last in either indoor or outdoor environments, this material will look great hanging in your gym or along an athletic fence for years to come.

  • VINYL: This is your classic gym banner material with a cost-effective price point. Because vinyl banners are digitally printed, they offer the ability to display photo-realistic images and watermarked logos.

  • PVC: This sign-style banner hangs flat and rigid. Can be cut to any shape. PVC is best suited for indoor applications where direct hits from objects such as baseballs and basketballs are limited. Often these are preferred when the banner is being displayed flat against a wall and a clean, flat product is desired.

  • ALUMINUM: Aluminum banners feature all the same properties at PVC banners except they also work great in the outdoors. Additionally, these banners are impact resistant and a good choice for areas that could see a stray baseball or basketball.

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How do you hang these banners?

Add-A-Year Banners are usually hung in one of two ways outlined below. Grommets are our standard and most requested finishing method, but pole pockets are available upon request at no additional cost.

  • GROMMETS: Grommets are metal eyelets placed in the border of a banner. Grommets are used to secure banners directly to a wall, typically using plastic anchors and screws. Grommets are also used in the finishing of windscreens to securely attach the windscreen to any fences or walls.

  • POLE POCKETS: A pole pocket is just as it sounds, a pocket or sleeve to slide a pole through. Pole pockets are most commonly placed in the top and bottom of a banner. This allows the banner to be hung from rafters suspended from the top pole and weighted by the bottom pole.

How do you update these banners in the future?

Team Fitz Add-A-Year Banners are designed to be easily updated as future wins are notched. Simply give us a call or shoot us an email to let us know what years need and we will ship the updates out to you. Each adhesive-backed update is easy to apply and pre-spaced ensuring an exact fit. It is not generally necessary to even remove the banners from the wall to update.

If you have any questions about updating your banners, your sales representative is available to help. Team Fitz offers update instructions, pictures, and video on their website for easy reference.

What do you need from me to get started?

Your sales rep will get things started with a quick conversation to help determine what you would like to get out of the project. Below are a few questions they will ask to get the ball rolling:

  • What accomplishments would you like to recognize on your banners?

  • What is the approximate number of banners you are interested in?

  • Can you send me a copy of your school logo?

  • What are your school colors?

If you are interested in banners for your gym or athletic facility, please reach out to us today. Our sales reps are ready to answer questions and discuss the options available. When you are ready, we would be happy to put together a design mock up and custom quote for the project.

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