Easy Upgrades to Give Your Tennis Courts a Professional Touch

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 05/03/2018

Heading into the spring and summer seasons, we turn our attention to the great outdoors. One athletic venue that is sometimes overlooked is the tennis facility. Tennis programs are often some of the most successful individual and team sports at a school. Because fans generally make their way directly to the courts, rather than the school buildings, the best place to recognize a tennis program is outdoors at the courts. Here are some of the best ways to upgrade your courts with custom graphics.


Add instant color to a new facility or rejuvenate and older court with tennis windscreen

Installing custom mesh windscreen banner is one of the easiest and fastest upgrades you can make to any outdoor facility. Fencing surrounding a court provides a large palette to show off your school colors, logo, and other team branding. Tennis windscreen is a great way to make a big impact on a stark new facility or to help rejuvenate the look of an older court.

A very versatile product, windscreen fence mesh is available in nearly any custom size. You can opt to wrap the entire fence or just add a band of color in key areas around the courts. There are two mesh options available to choose from. Our standard 30% mesh is a workhorse and the most common windscreen material we sell. As the name implies, this material allows 30% of the wind to pass through unobstructed and is suitable for most applications.

If you have an especially windy location opt for our 70% mesh. Because this option is more porous, it is easier to see through the windscreen. This additional visibility can sometimes be desirable depending on your particular application.

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Recognize team and player accomplishments with championship tennis signs

There are a few ways that you can recognize the legacy of your tennis program. For state and national championships, we typically recommend our die-cut championship signs. They are a unique way to honor the teams and players that have reached these high achievements. These custom signs can be cut into any shape. The most popular styles are shaped like a state, school mascot, or tennis ball. The size and design variations are endless and make prestigious achievements stand out from the rest.

Recognizing every league, sectional, and regional championships with an individual sign may not be feasible due to space and budgetary concerns. Great options for displaying these types of wins are our Add-A-Name Boards and Add-A-Year Signs. They allow you to create a running list of accomplishments offering a full historical sense of your program’s legacy.

Both styles of board are very easy to update. When a new addition needs to be made, pre-spaced decal lettering is sent to you and is simply added to the sign. We typically recommend that these be mounted to a fence or on the back of bleachers.

If fence space is at a premium, or you prefer to create more of a campus feel, a stand-alone post-and-panel sign is a perfect solution. These can be designed to recognize a single championship or as an add-a-name or add-a-year style of board. Post-and-Panel Campus Signs can be placed near the bleachers or along paths leading to the tennis courts. We typically recommend installing them in high-traffic areas where fans congregate to maximize the impact of your championship tennis signs.

Large or small, tennis court upgrades can make a big impact ensuring your athletes are proud of where they play. Each facility is unique and can present different challenges, but our experienced team of professionals is here to help. Reach out today to discuss your project and get started with a free proof and quote.

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