Don’t Strike Out with an Uninspiring Ballpark

Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 03/15/2018

Overcome These Common Issues When Displaying Baseball & Softball Graphics

Baseball and softball fields present some unique challenges when you’re trying to display impactful graphics like team championships or athlete accomplishments. Baseball and Softball fields are quite large and require a long viewing distance. Generic fences typically surround the facility, and field is often far from the parking lot or school, so finding the field can be difficult. Here are three common issues found at ballparks and how to get past it.

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Problem #1 – With such a large facility, where do I place signage so it will be seen and appreciated?

High traffic areas are always a good starting point to consider. Concession stands, walkways and bleacher areas are often gathering spots that pull people in to mingle. Next time you are at an event being held at one of your outdoor facilities, take note of where people congregate. Concession stands, dugouts, and other structures are typically built with blank concrete block.

A record board or list of all-state players could look great on these as it would dress up a plain structure and show off your athletes. There is even an opportunity to include team banners on these open walls, so that fans and visitors alike know the home team well.   

Problem #2 – There isn’t a lot of wall space at our facility, where do we hang graphics?

Baseball and softball fields often present a challenge for displaying record boards, championship banners, and other graphics. Many ballfields don’t have a lot of places to mount this type of signage. An outdoor post-and-panel sign is a great alternative to the typical fence-mount solution. These freestanding signs can be installed practically anywhere.

Each sign is built with an all-weather aluminum construction which is ideal for the harsh conditions of the outdoors. Another option is to mount a record board to the structure of a set of bleachers. This may take some clever mounting by your facility manager, but it is a great way to recognize your athletes in a space that is underutilized.  

Problem #3 – We want a windscreen for our field, but don’t have the funds to do the entire outfield. What is the best solution? 

Funding is a factor for any facility graphic purchase. Sponsorships can be a great way to offset the cost. Local businesses are often willing to purchase the rights to advertise at your baseball field. Just a handful of business sponsorship can be all you need to fund a windscreen project. Allow sponsors to display for 3 years or so with an opt-out option at the end of that term. We will design the windscreen so that individual sponsors can be taken down and replaced with a new company as necessary.

This approach is much more cost effective than replacing an entire windscreen. The most common areas that clients do first are a large windscreen across center field or smaller windscreens in left-center and right-center. Depending on the shape of your field, the left and right foul lines might make the most sense. Our designers have the experience to be able to add some great looking graphics while not interfering with what the batter sees in the background.

Do you have any other graphic issues popping up with your program? Contact us today and start the conversation around your outdoor facility graphics.

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