Designing Dry Erase Boards for NFL Teams

Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 03/24/2017

At Team Fitz Graphics, we have had the great fortune to work with some fantastic athletic programs. Our diverse roster of customers include professional teams in the NFL, NBA and MLB, major universities across the nation and thousands of high schools. This month we are featuring two customers from the National Football League — the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams. Both teams were interested in one of our most popular product lines: custom dry erase boards.

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The San Francisco 49ers reached out to us looking for a custom dry erase board to support their off-season training goals. Their “Off-Season Program Win Board” was designed to track the top two leaders by position, as well as the top 10 athletes overall. With vibrant sub-surface graphics, every inch of the board is writable. This makes updating their win board extremely easy.

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The Los Angeles Rams strength staff contacted us about a calendar dry erase board project to spruce up their new office after the recent relocation. After some consideration, they opted for a streamlined color palette of navy, white and grey and some throwback details in the logo. Their new calendar board will help the strength team stay organized and on-track for success.

Athletic dry erase boards remain one of our best-selling products for a few simple reasons:


Team Fitz employs a team of in-house graphic designers who specialize in creating art specifically for the world of athletics. By understanding the needs of coaches and athletic directors, they excel in developing impactful design concepts. Whether you are interested in maintaining a current style or pushing boundaries with a new look, we’ve got you covered.


Every Team Fitz dry erase board is custom-designed following a collaborative conversation with our customer. Below are the most-requested dry erase board styles:

  • Weight Room Record Board – Customized to track any strength or fitness goals you’ve set for your team. Great motivator of friendly competition in the weight room.
  • Field & Court Board – Improve communication between coaches and athletes by allowing coaches to quickly illustrate their point. Custom designed for any sport.
  • Calendar Dry Erase Board – Keep track of practice schedules, games and school and administrative events.
  • Branded Dry Erase Board – Branded dry erase boards incorporate a team’s logo and colors, easily dressing up a plain whiteboard. Small pops of color can go a long way toward improving the look of your facilities.
  • Mobile Dry Erase Board – Any dry erase board can be made mobile. These portable, double-sided dry erase boards can easily be rolled from place to place — from the locker room to the court.


We’ve all come across dry erase boards that won’t fully erase, leaving behind leaving behind memories of past plays. This is the fate of many lower-quality dry erase boards which become permanently stained and ultimately need to be replaced.

Team Fitz applies all graphics using sublimation technology, which embeds the art below the surface of the board. A patented, high-gloss coating is then applied, sealing and protecting the surface for life. Each board is then wrapped in a full aluminum frame with accessory tray and shipped out with mounting hardware.

Additionally, every board is designed and built in the USA using a sustainable process. Seventy percent of materials used are recycled and our coating and printing process is VOC (volatile organic compound) free.


We strive to produce the finest record boards available, and we work hard to back up that claim. Every dry erase board Team Fitz makes is guaranteed for life against ghosting, fading and any defects in workmanship or materials.

Reach out to us today to learn more about custom dry erase boards for your program. Our sales representatives would be happy to go over the options and pricing and answer any questions.

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