Controlling The First Impression of Your Athletic Facilities

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 02/22/2018

First impressions are such an important aspect of your stadiums and tennis courts. It’s an impactful, nonverbal way to set the tone for visiting teams and fans. Don’t miss this great opportunity to establish your program from the moment your rival teams step off the bus.


Windscreens are an effective way to boost the visual impact and add a professional look to your facilities. We’ve outlined three ways windscreens can be used to demonstrate a strong first impression.

Bolstering the Entrance

Generally as visiting fans drive by your football stadium or ballpark before seeing the actual field. While this experience may often be taken for granted, it’s a great opportunity to control their first encounter with your facility and establish your team’s presence early on.

Windscreens banners can amp up the experience in key areas like the fences surrounding your entry, outside of your football stadium, or leading up to your baseball or softball field. Custom-designed to match your program’s logo, colors, or themes, windscreens send a powerful message from the moment other teams step onto your campus.

custom-tennis-windscreen.jpgAdding Real Function

Another overlooked aspect of athletic facilities are the bare fences enclosing your tennis courts. Why not add some function to the your fences? A custom windscreen around your court will not only create a splash of color, it can help your team perform better.

Windscreens are not just for show - they can slow crosswinds and improve ball visibility by adding contrast with a solid color backdrop. They are the perfect way to up your game for any tennis court.

Emphasizing Your Brand

Not only are windscreens a popular addition to your fences, they are an excellent way to instill fear and unrest among traveling teams and fans. Using your programs brand, custom windscreens set the stage with oversized logos and large, dramatic design elements.

Sticking closely to your school’s brand guidelines, our experienced team of in-house designers work with your staff to find an effective, striking windscreen design with vivid, full-color graphics.Windscreens are a quick, and cost-effective way to add some personality to your facilities. 

Ready to give your stadium, fields, or courts a visual boost? Contact us today and start the conversation around your program’s first impression!

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