6 Recent Championship Gym Banner Projects

Posted by  Seth Thitoff on 02/13/2019

There are many styles of gym banners available. When considering championship banners for your gym it can be helpful to see available options and a variety of unique projects. Here are 6 banner projects we’ve recently completed for our customers that highlight different custom banners. These projects showcase some of the common design styles requested by athletic directors around the country.



Henderson, NE

These Heartland Community School banners are a great example of a classic championship banner design. Because a State or national championship win is a big deal, they wanted to honor each team with its own banner. This traditional look is defined by clear and easy-to-read text that varies in size to add contrast to the design.



Graham, NC

Alamance Christian High School decided to go with add-a-year style banners to honor their winning State and runner-up teams. Add-a-year banners are a great way consolidate if you have a particularly successful program or limited wall space in your gym.

Add-a-year banners will obviously need to be updated as future wins are achieved. These banners are designed to be easily updated. Adhesive-backed vinyl year updates arrive pre-spaced for a no-hassle update process. The banners generally don’t even need to be removed from the wall.



Grand Ledge, MI

While the previous two examples highlighted team championships, these add-a-line banners were designed to highlight Grand Ledge High School’s individual state champion athletes. Add-a-line banners can be divided by sport like the examples above, or we can include an additional column for the sport name and just do a running list for the entire program.

This popular option typically requires a larger banner or smaller type to fit everything. Our design team and sales rep will work with you to make sure your banners look great and are readable from an appropriate distance.



Camas, WA

This banner display for Camas High School also recognizes individual state champions. Rather than a running list of champions for each sport, Camas has created a “Wall of Champions” display featuring an individual banner for each championship. A sizable header banner has also been included to add visual interest and add emphasis to the accomplishment.



Gulf Stream, FL

Gulf Stream Middle School offers another classic example of add-a-year banners. These particular banners are divided by sport and focus on league championships. One unique feature of this design is split of boy and girl sports into an alternating color scheme for easy identification.



Cuyahoga Heights, OH

This last example of state runner up banners is included here because of its unique design. These banners are meant to be viewed from a distance, so we typically feel less is more when it comes to the banner design. Despite the color and pattern embellishment in the background, the text is sized and arranged in a way that still allows them to be clearly read.

Are you considering championship gym banners for your school? Reach out to one of our sales reps today for a free proof and quote. They would be happy to answer any questions and offer ideas on how to best display your program’s accomplishments.

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