5 Unique Windscreen Projects in Different Locations Around the Campus

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 04/26/2018

Few things get us more excited than a good windscreen project. No other product offers more bang for your buck than a custom fence windscreen banner. The addition of a team’s branded logo and colors instantly transforms an average facility into one that has the professional feel of a university. More importantly, this transformation generates excitement and improves experience of athletes and fans.

Customers often want to know is how other athletic directors and coaches are using windscreens. Everyone is familiar with the traditional outfield fence banners seen at baseball and softball fields, but there are many other uses. Here are five highlighted windscreen projects, each installed at a different outdoor campus location.


Western Hills High School

Cincinnati, OH

Western Hills High School is home to a beautiful facility, set below street level. This newly installed windscreen makes a great impression as fans approach the football field. Their windscreen is a great mix of branding and functionality. The majority of windscreens we produce use our standard 30% mesh material which is perfect for most applications.

Western Hills experiences high-wind gusts on their lowered field. For this reason we suggested our 70% mesh windscreen material. Perfect for an especially windy location such as this, this windscreen allows 70% of the wind to pass through unobstructed.


Morehead State University

Morehead, KY

Being the home of the first NCAA Division 1 sanctioned beach volleyball court in Kentucky is a point of pride for the Eagles of Morehead. In addition, hosting the first ever beach volleyball tournament in the state brought the program notoriety.

Morehead State secured a corporate sponsor for the facility and needed a solution for displaying that sponsor’s logo as well as their program’s own branding. Generally a beach volleyball court doesn’t offer the same traditional wall space that a basketball court might have available, advertising with fence windscreen was the natural solution. Click here for more on this particular project.


Turpin High School

Cincinnati, OH

Turpin High School updated their tennis courts with fresh, custom windscreen. Tucked into the back corner of their beautiful, wooded campus, the Spartan’s tennis courts benefited from the addition of branded logos, color, and a subtle Greek background pattern. Like the Western Hills High School example above, high winds were a concern. Turpin opted to go with the 70% mesh option as well. Due to the larger holes in 70% mesh, they also had the added benefit of greater visibility for fans outside the court.

One other thing to note about this project, is the height of the windscreen. It is not always necessary to cover the entire fence height. Sometimes a band in the middle of a fence is an effective solution that is also more cost effective for any program.


Urbana University

Urbana, OH

Sprawling college ballfields can sometimes seem detached from the rest of campus. The best way to counteract this is to bring consistent color and branding to the outdoor fields. This project really tied the outdoor campus together by carrying the same theme throughout the baseball, softball and football fields.

There was plenty of fence space, so they chose to advertise the athletic department’s social media accounts. This has helped to promote awareness of game times, delays, and encourages participation in other fun events on campus.


Riverside High School

Leesburg, VA

Riverside High School is one of our favorite all time windscreen projects because of the grand entrance created as you approach their athletic facilities. Large windscreens line the drive to the stadium. You won’t be left wondering where you are and who you are playing as you arrive. The tops and back of the stadium fencing are also branded with the school’s unique logo and color scheme. They went the extra mile to make a high school field feel like a college-level facility.

Whether you interested in highlighting a specific area, or you would like help developing a plan for your entire campus, we’re here to help. We want to ensure you, your athletes, and your fans are proud of where they play. Reach out today to speak with one of our reps. We would be happy to answer questions and get your project kicked off with a free proof and quote.

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