5 Out of the Park High School Windscreens

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 02/07/2020

Of all the products we sell, windscreens are one of our favorites. The main reason is that windscreens offer a huge, and nearly instant, positive change to a facility. These large, high-impact graphics are also a great value because they typically have a lower cost-per-square-foot than other types of graphics.


Check out a few of our favorite high school windscreen projects. Hopefully this will help you better envision how a windscreen could benefit your facility. Of course, yours would be custom designed to include your team logo, colors, and branding. 

St. Xavier Tennis Windscreen

St. Xavier High School transformed their facility with a simple addition to their tennis courts. The courts sit on a hill that is adjacent to their football stadium. This windscreen highlights St. Xavier’s newly renovated courts while also adding a backdrop to the football endzone. When an opposing team or fan enters the grounds, there’s no mistaking who they’re about to compete against.

For this project, our standard 30% mesh was selected. It is the most common windscreen mesh choice and works for almost any project. 30% of the wind is allowed through the screen unobstructed, increasing the longevity of the mesh while also allowing for great color prints.

St. Xavier Tennis Windscreen


Edgewood Tennis Windscreen

Not every court needs to be fully wrapped to make an entrance look great. Edgewood High School simply added a windscreen to the side of the court facing the parking lot and walkway. This 108’ x 9’ windscreen brands their facility, limits distractions from parking lot activity, and encourages spectators to use the stands rather than loiter around the busy parking lot.

Like the St. Xavier windscreen above, our standard 30% mesh was selected for this project.

Edgewood Cougars Tennis Windscreen


Turpin Tennis Windscreens

This Turpin High School project was unique in that they wanted to be able to see through the windscreen while also branding the facility. A 5’ tall band of the school’s logo repeated across the 4 courts creating a unique backdrop for athletes.

A 70% mesh material was used for this project. With the courts being close to spectators, the 70% allows spectators to see through the mesh to watch the matches.

Turpin Spartans Tennis Windscreen


Western Hills Football Windscreen

Like the Edgewood project, this Western Hills High School windscreen covers just the entranceway of the football stadium in a highly trafficked area overlooking the field. One of the issues that started the project were spectators. Rather than enter the gate and pay to watch the games, visitors would stand outside the fence and watch until half-time. The windscreen sits along a primary road used by students and visitors coming to the school, creating the perfect accent to the roundabout entryway.

A 70% mesh was selected for this project. Because it allows 70% of wind to pass through the mesh, it was a good choice for this high-wind location. As previously mentioned, 70% does allow more visibility through the screen than 30% mesh. However, the fence location is on a hill and further from the football field. The windscreen does a good job obstructing the view enough to encourage spectators to enter the facility rather than wait until halftime.

Western Hills High School Football Windscreen


Riverside Football Stadium Windscreen

Creating a grand entrance for Friday-night football is something that every school strives to do. Riverside high school did just that with windscreens. You see them as soon as you begin the drive back to the stadium. Upon parking, you see the back of their stadium wrapped with their logos, colors, and branding.

The standard 30% mesh was selected for this project. The 30% mesh allows for more material to be printed on, thus creating more vibrant colors than the 70% material which naturally has larger holes perforating the surface.

Riverside Rams stadium windscreen


Looking to revamp your facility? Reach out to one of our Team Fitz sales reps today to get your windscreen project started. They can answer questions and provide a free proof and quote for your project.


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