5 Great Uses for Boulevard Banners on a School Campus

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Boulevard banners are often seen hanging off street lights along downtown streets or in a community square. In addition to their typical uses, there have been a growing number of university and high school campuses using them to refresh their school grounds. The most common applications are for school branding, wayfinding, recognition of athletic accomplishments, and to promote school spirit. Below are a few examples of this versatile banner and how they are being used by high schools.


1. School and Community Branding

The majority of boulevard banners we sell to schools are for branding purposes. By including your school logo and colors on these attention-grabbing banners, you promote your brand outside the walls of your building, while also helping create a cohesive campus look and feel across your facilities.

The boulevard banners at Mariemont High School not only create this campus feel on school property, but also throughout the community. Their banners line the boulevard of the main road running past their school. This provides a daily reinforcement of their brand to students and community members. Visiting fans and commuters know as soon as they enter the village limits that they are at the home of the Warriors.


2. Championship Banner Recognition

Finding space to hang championship signage near the stadium or field can sometimes be difficult. Light poles that line a main drive or parking lot are underutilized space that are perfect to display these wins. This is exactly what Sierra Canyon High School chose to do on their campus.

Visitors and fans of sports that are played outdoors may never see the inside of your gym, or even school. Boulevard banners are a great way to show off championships for these sports near the fields and courts that they are played. Home and opposing fan bases now know Sierra Canyon’s proud athletic history and students are reminded each time they head to the field.


3. Exterior Wayfinding

A school parking lot can be chaos at times especially on game night, during a big event, and at the beginning of a new school year. Boulevard banners are perfect for general wayfinding; helping visitors find their way to places such as the gym entrance, parking lot, or ball field.

Sycamore High School effectively uses these branded boulevard banners to identify key parking locations such as those for faculty, students, and home and visiting fans. Now no one has an excuse for parking in the principal’s spot.

lakota-west-indoor-boulevard-banner4. Interior Wayfinding

Like outdoor facilities, visitors often need a hand finding their way inside the school or athletic facility. Boulevard banners can be just as effective when placed indoors.

Lakota West High School has a unique layout where the main lobby and corridor are open to the first and second floor of the building.

They wanted to way for visitors to quickly see the location of key facilities such as the gym, cafeteria, library, and main office. Because these banners mount perpendicularly to the wall, they are easy to read from a distance.

indian-hill-boulevard-banner5. Display Core Values

Every school has a set of core values they strive to instill in their students. Sometimes it helps to reinforce these values by displaying them where everyone can see them.

Indian Hill High School uses their boulevard banners as a constant reminder of the core values they strive to impress on their students: integrity, respect, pride, opportunity, excellence, and leadership.

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