4 Quick Stadium Upgrades

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 08/18/2016

You tell your athletes that they must protect their home field, but have you ever considered if it appears worth protecting? Most stadiums tend to have the same or similar structure with a large set of bleachers on the home side, a press box up top, smaller bleachers on the visitor side, a concession stand or two underneath and a locker room or facilities building at one end zone. A major renovation to create a custom stadium may be out of the question, but there are some things you can do with the existing structure to create the custom look everyone wants. Check out the list below for some easy ways to dress up your stadium so fans and visitors know exactly where they are and whose field it is!



Create the biggest impact at the lowest cost per square foot with windscreens. Most stadiums today have a chain link fence that runs along the top and sides of the bleachers, around the outside of the track and often times along the walkway from the parking lot to the stadium. Installing custom windscreen in these areas will make a big impact by bringing in your school colors and logo and offering a professional look. Gone are the days where you are limited to solid blocks of color. There is no limit to what can be printed on a Team Fitz windscreen, including full-color graphics, patterns and even photographs to create unique designs.


Another often overlooked stadium upgrade are stadium flags. A row of colored flags along the top of the bleachers or press box add a splash of color and movement. Some teams like to have logo flags in alternating school colors, while other schools like to recognize the other teams in their conference. Whatever design you are looking for, we can help you create attractive and dynamic flags for your stadium.


Do all of your fans and visitors know where to enter the stadium? How often do you get asked where the restrooms are? There is a great opportunity to add some branded and functional signage that will help people navigate your facility. These signs can be used to designate entrances, concessions, locker rooms, restrooms, seating areas, first aid and other necessary locations. Other popular signs might include track or field rules, staff or team-only areas and parking signs to help with traffic flow. No matter how your facility is laid out, and little bit of branded wayfinding signage will go a long way in making your stadium feel customized and keep people moving in the right direction.


Most stadiums tend to be the highest point on campus and can be seen from nearby streets. This provides a great opportunity to put up some large outdoor championship signs. Team or individual champions can be recognized with aluminum signs attached directly to the press box or the stadium structure. Many programs have large feature walls on the sides of locker rooms or weight rooms at one end of the stadium. Be sure to leave room for adding new championship wins!

The first impression of your stadium will stick with fans and visitors. Make your stadium one that your athletes want to protect through their efforts on the field. The upgrades mentioned above can easily be added to existing structures and spaces—no major renovation required. We have years of experience with projects across the country that we would love to share with you if you need some ideas. Call or email us anytime to start turning your traditional stadium into your custom coliseum!

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