4 Gym Upgrades that Every Athletic Director Should Consider

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 10/28/2016

As a full-time problem solver, an Athletic Director is expected to oversee everything from hiring coaches, setting up for home games, reserving venues, purchasing equipment, resolving parental complaints  and, of course, planning the budgets. At Team Fitz, we understand your stressful schedules because we support AD’s everyday. It’s easy to let gym upgrades fall through the cracks, but they are an important part of your school’s identity. Let us help check some of those boxes off your gym upgrades to-do list.



At the close of every season, banner updates are just one more thing for you to think about. That’s one reason why we make our banner updates as easy as possible. Vibrant, custom and always free to update, the add-a-year banners are a cost-effective testimony to your team’s championship wins. Whether you’re looking for poly fabric, vinyl, PVC or aluminum banners, all four materials are easy to maintain now and down the road.


School spirit should be the least of your worries. Nothing screams school spirit like your team’s mascot. From the Golden Gophers to the Blue Hurricanes, every school mascot deserves to represent their home team in die cut form. Perfect for the gym, athletic lobbies and weight room displays, our die-cut mascot signage is a highly versatile upgrade that your gym could be missing.


Your time is money and space is limited. Avoid the hassle of tracking down the custodian and nailing another hole in an already cluttered wall. With our easy-to-update interactive touch screens, you can honor your hall of famers and keep track of your school’s athletic legacy. TouchWall is perfect for a gym entrance, athletic lobby or any high-traffic area where students and fans gather. With search features and a built in content management system, the TouchWall is the hall of fame of the future.    


Is a complete gym remodel out of the budget for next year? No problem. Transform your gym, hallway, locker room or weight room with a large format graphic. Designed to inspire, these high impact visuals will convert an ordinary training area into a high performance center.

Curious to see if gym upgrades will fit into your budget? Looking for a quote? Reach out today to learn about all of the things Team Fitz can do to simplify your job and upgrade your program.

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