3 Ways to Prevent Complacency in the Weight Room

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 08/15/2018

The difference between mediocrity and greatness is usually an issue of effort. You get out what you put in, so if your athletes aren’t giving their best, subpar results shouldn’t be surprising. Complacency is contagious. If you want your athletes to hold each other to the highest standard, here are three ways to keep them engaged and focused in the weight room this season.


Eliminate Distractions

You know the drill- you go to change the song and 20 minutes later you’re deep into your Twitter feed, forgetting why you even took out your phone in the first place. Everyone is guilty of this, and your athletes are no different. Distractions can easily ruin the progress of a lifting session, especially on a tight weight room schedule. Motivational Signage reminds athletes of the purpose of training: get better every day. And, they can be customized to include school colors, logos, and any quote, slogan or tagline. Distracted workouts become a lot more difficult with a visual representation of your program’s motto lining the walls.

Set Specific Goals

Training without goals is like driving without a destination. If you don’t know where you’re going, you may not get there and will probably end up right back where you started. Setting goals can be a tricky process, so make sure goals for your athletes are difficult but still attainable. In order to set them up for success, these goals should be specific, reasonable and have a time limit. It may also be beneficial to set both short and long term goals so everyone remains invested.  A Workout of the Day Board is an efficient way to keep your both your athletes and coaching staff on track. Getting lost in the day to day is no longer an excuse when you’re able to focus on execution and development.

Create a Culture of Accountability

Accountability can come in many different forms. Accountable athletes show up to practices, lifts, film sessions and games. But accountability goes far beyond just showing up and going through the motions. No matter where they are, athletes represent something much larger than themselves. Our Code of Conduct Signage reminds them to keep the bigger picture in mind and hold themselves to the standard that is expected. With expectations right in front of them, athletes can truly embody accountability and master one of the pillars of a strong, successful program.

Don’t settle for complacency, reach out to Team Fitz Graphics today for more info on how to energize both your athletes and your athletic venue with weight room graphics. Our in-house design team will be happy to collaborate with your organization to discuss options, answer questions, and make suggestions to fit any budget.

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