3 Ways to Make Communication in the Locker Room a Slam Dunk

Posted by  Seth Thitoff on 10/10/2019

Great coaching is not so much about what you know, but how much your players understand. Every coach has a plan that they want to see executed, but that plan can only be executed as well as it is understood. Great communication of your vision helps athletes see how everything comes together and understand their role in the larger objective. Being able to effectively communicate this message in the locker room is where good coaches differ from great coaches.


One effective way a coach can be a better communicator in the locker room, is to go for a well-rounded approach. Instead of just relying heavily on verbal instruction, it’s helpful to offer visual aides to support your words. Players are more likely to retain information where they hear, see, and participate. This approach reinforces your words in a visually engaging way.



A basketball court dry erase board is not a new coaching tool, but it is an effective one. New plays and other instructions can be illustrated on the whiteboard strengthening your verbal instruction. Those techniques can then be taken to the court during practice to run drills and work on the new plays.

Before games you can review matchups, strengths and weaknesses of opponents, and keys to victory. At halftime it can be used to show areas of improvement. Communicating these critical adjustments in a visual way increases changes that your message is clearly understood by your team.



The goal of winning games is obviously an overarching objective for any team. This of course doesn’t just happen. It’s through the execution of short and long-term goals that a winning season is possible. When we track goals, we’re able to focus on the important things that need to be done to positively move the needle. A team goal board is an effective way to literally show your athletes how achieving the goals you’ve set can add up to wins, and failing to do so can equal losses.



Another way to reinforce your message is to recognize achievement. It can be helpful to bring it full circle by showing them what you want to do, track progress along the way, then finally by rewarding that effort. A record board on display in the locker room not only recognizes achievement, it can also be highly motivating. Friendly competition can play a positive role in the locker room as players try to outdo each other to claim top spots on the board.

Effective communication in the basketball locker room can help in a myriad of ways including increased productivity, motivation, and a better team culture. Importantly, it also creates a better understanding of your plan. This helps create increased buy in to what you’re trying to do.

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